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Topic: Mister Rogers Goes Home
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Feb 27, 2003 11:46AM)
Today I was shocked to hear that Mr Rogers passed away. I, as many others grew up on him and him alone. My favorite episode was when Harry Blackstone JR. was a guest.
You can read more about his passing here. :cry:
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Feb 27, 2003 12:12PM)
As a kid I watched his show religiously. I'd rush home from school and at 3:00 PM CST M-F, the world came to a stop as I indulged in his program.

After 33 years he was PBS' longest-running series with over a thousand shows. Recently he created and now leaves behind a Children's website.

"You don't set out to be rich or famous. What you set out to do is to be helpful - if the other comes along with it, that's OK. But that's not what you set out to be." - Mr. Rogers (ABC News)
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Feb 27, 2003 01:16PM)
Meow meow sad meow.

King Friday XIII declares day of mourning in the kingdom.

Message: Posted by: Margarette (Feb 27, 2003 01:24PM)
You know, my kids have been out of school due to weather, and for a change, I had the tv on this morning. I heard about Mr. Rogers earlier, and was deeply saddened. I grew up watching him! I turned on the PBS channel, which I never do in the morning, and what was coming on....Mister Rogers Neighborhood. I started to tear up. My kids and I sat and watched it. It was fun watching it with them, but bittersweet knowing he is no longer with us :cry:

Message: Posted by: Ron Giesecke (Mar 3, 2003 09:47PM)
I used to call the Larry King radio show (when it was till on the air, of course), and ask ridiculous questions of their guests, and then tape it.

Mr. Rogers was one of those whom I targeted. . .

I asked him if he had ever "overfed the fish" on the set. I was expecting Larry to dispatch me with all speed, when Fred Rogers explained that he had indeed "overfed the fish." For the next four and half minutes, he explained how this real incident turned into a show on per bereavement.

I'm glad he didn't take offence. And I hope he's in a better place, although [i]anything's[/i] better than sitting in the presence of that pathetic, name-dropping Larry.

One time, I got to perform for Mr. McFeely (David Newell). Nice guy.

Goodbye Neighbor.
Message: Posted by: Marshall Thornside (Mar 5, 2003 09:28AM)
Now I know where the character of Mr McFeely came from.
Message: Posted by: Magicusa (Apr 13, 2003 06:11PM)
I was deeply saddened of his lost.