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Topic: Maybe someone out there can help me
Message: Posted by: Leeman (Jan 2, 2008 02:08AM)
So I am moving to Los Angeles later this month and have been looking on the internet trying to find a job so I will be all set to go when I get down there, but alas I haven't had too much luck. So since magicians by nature are helpful people maybe some of you LA residnets could possibly give me some info about maybe some places that are hiring or some web sites that may be of help.
Message: Posted by: MAKMagic (Jan 2, 2008 01:52PM)
Leeman - I'm not in the LA Area - however, my first suggestion to you, when looking for help in an area such as this would be to put some background info about yourself with experience, knowledge base, field of employment you are going for so people can have an idea of what your looking for and\or are capable of.
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Jan 2, 2008 04:01PM)
Hi Leeman,

Welcome to Los Angeles. I have lived in the L.A. area since 1987. There are two venues I know of where Street Performers can make money. One is Venice Beach, and the other is the third street promenade in Santa Monica. I have no idea how territorial either of those venues are, and if permits are needed, but I do know two people who have made reasonable money by performing for tourists.

L.A. have several comedy clubs of varying sizes. I have no clue what it takes to get into any of them.

There is also the Magic Castle. Many magicians feel that for all its' reputation the castle is best known for paying badly. Many people perform there to be able to say they have performed there.

The bottom line... my best advice is to hook yourself up with a day job, and start putting out feelers from there.

Good Luck!
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Jan 2, 2008 06:25PM)
Wow...talk about conflict. There is no reason for anyone to one to move to LA, unless they are diluted and think they are going to be a star, yet there is not reason anyone would stay in Sacramento....

What type of work you looking for? That might help. If you are one of those diluted types may I suggest something in the fast food industry?
Message: Posted by: Leeman (Jan 3, 2008 04:13PM)
I'm not looking for a magic related job, it would be fun and all but I don't thinkk I'm good enough to pay the bills. I have experience in theatrical lighting, I worked for a company setting up lights and staging for weddings, concerts, theater shows and corporate stuff. Most of my jobs have been in customer service, either as a cashier or delivery driver and a bit of sales stuff too. I am a couple of credits shy of finishing my general ed at community college and transfering to a CSU.