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Topic: I want to buy a performers Joke Book
Message: Posted by: aukt (Jan 10, 2008 02:52PM)
I want a book of jokes - clean and OTHERWISE both very welcome. Suggestions?
Message: Posted by: wizardofsorts (Jan 10, 2008 04:58PM)
I know I a few of these in Jay Marhsall's collection. Contact his estate via ebay seller "jayandlefty" and see if they still have any left.

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jan 10, 2008 06:09PM)
Michael Close just came out with a joke book called "That reminds me..."

It's great. Much can be used if you're a performer.
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Jan 10, 2008 06:47PM)
Mike Close's book is the cream of bar room jokes. It's more a joke-tellers joke book than a performers one. I spent years behind a bar collecting such jokes and was kinda delighted and pished off, at the same time, that some-one had put them all in a book: it has all my favourite jokes that I spent years collecting.

Performers jokes need to originate from the performer. If you want to accumulate a lot of performer's hackadoodaa try Aldo Colombini.

Message: Posted by: Magic Rob (Jan 10, 2008 09:56PM)

When you said you want a book of jokes, did you mean jokes that are related to your magic act, or just jokes to tell your friends?

If you are looking for some jokes related to a magic act, the best way is to write your own original material. There are a number comedy theory books you can hunt down at your local bookstore. If you still decide you want some stock material to get you started, you can't go wrong with MagicGeorge's suggestion of the Columbini books. I also recommend some of the Harry Allen one liner books. You can find the book Sleight of Mouth here:


The Harry Allen jokes have been around a while, but they're still funny if they fit your style.

On the othe hand, if you're looking for jokes to tell people informally, I've heard good things about the Michael Close book that Frank Starsini suggested.

For some really off color jokes, try the "Truless Tasteless" joke books which you can find by searching amazon.com - they're horribly disgusting but funny.

Magic Rob
Message: Posted by: alondon (Feb 11, 2008 07:37PM)
Get the Prarie Home Companion Joke Book- good clean jokes
Message: Posted by: Magic Enhancer (Feb 12, 2008 08:06AM)
Aldo Colombini's books come to mind.

Robert Haas
Message: Posted by: harris (Feb 12, 2008 12:18PM)
I agree with writing things that fit you.
Stock jokes can be made funny in the right situation and by the right performer.

My laughology programs use both, but more of from the "if it doesn't kill me it goes into the act column." (revised Nietche/sic quote)