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Topic: Pile O' Bricks
Message: Posted by: Jake Heller (Jan 16, 2008 08:41PM)
This is kind of ridiculous. I just thought it up today.

The performer displays a large pile of bricks on the stage and says that he will make them disapear. He invites audience members to check them out and make sure they are real.

He then goes about trying to make them disapear. He doesn't suceed so he drinks a potion that he says will make his magic more magical. (haha) Then he starts salivating...an assistant runs out and says that the potion is contaminated. He starts shaking and going mad...rips of shirt (I don't know), acting crazy.

Then he starts chucking bricks into the audience...the audience freaks, but the bricks are actually made of foam. The magician stumbles off to the corner of the stage to get an antidote...he then acts as though nothing is happening and vanishes the remaining bricks.

Now that I wrote it down it seems kind of stupid.