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Topic: Ramon's topit
Message: Posted by: marco_venier (Mar 5, 2003 12:28AM)
I see there is a new Ramon's topit pattern at Hocus Pocus web site. Has anyone tried it? Is it good?


Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Mar 5, 2003 09:54AM)
Check his videos out, looks good:

Message: Posted by: Dr. Jakks (Mar 5, 2003 12:03PM)
I really didn't like the awkward way everything was vanished. I think the Ammar topit is MUCH better.

Message: Posted by: jerdunn (Mar 5, 2003 12:42PM)
I have to agree with Dr. Jakks about the video presentation. It appears that Senor Galindo is stuffing items into his jacket front.

That said, the Topit itself may still be a good design that will work well for other performers.

Has anyone worked with the Jay Scott Berry model? Any opinions?