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Topic: Instead of magic words...
Message: Posted by: motivationalmagic (Jan 30, 2008 01:16PM)
Instead of asking an audience or volunteer to say a magic word as part of a routine, my phrase that I ask the audience to repeat throughout the show is, "No matter what happens, I will trust in the Lord."

A few weeks ago, a parent called us to say that their three year old is now repeating this phrase all the time! Very precious to the parents, to the pastor, and to us as well...!
Message: Posted by: Ethan the emazing (Feb 8, 2008 05:01PM)
Very cool. Its amazing what how our magic can impact people.
Message: Posted by: Joe Marotta (Feb 9, 2008 03:03PM)
Now that's a great phone call to receive!
Message: Posted by: motivationalmagic (Feb 15, 2008 10:40PM)
Yes, indeed! Very thrilling to get such news! Maybe the young fellow will grow up to be another Billy Graham!