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Topic: Hello to all those in the art
Message: Posted by: Don Faith (Feb 11, 2008 02:26AM)
Hello everyone. Although I am very interested in all branches of magic, my interests are mostly in escapes and stage illusions.
Message: Posted by: Habu (Feb 11, 2008 10:23AM)
Howdy from Alabama Don, nice to have you here. How long have you been involved with magic?
Message: Posted by: Don Faith (Feb 11, 2008 12:52PM)
Thank you for the welcome. How long have I have been in magic? umm, let's see, for about 8 girlfriends and 1 marriage. That works out to 27 years off & on (pardon the pun).I started this journey off spending about 12 years locked (my choice)in my room picking locks, handcuffs and learning the ropes of escapism. During that time a neighbor told a local newspaper about my strange hobby and after the article went out, a local fair gave me a call to perform. Although I never intended to ever be a performer and was nervous as heck to get in front of an audience, I decided to give it a try. To my amazement, the audience gave me a very nice round of applause, got booked for a repeat performance and the bug was in the blood. Since then, I have amalgamated my escape show with stage illusions and have been broke ever since. My assistant “Veralyn " and myself are currently seeking to broaden our horizons by going overseas or to the good old U.S.A if they will have us, and performing tours.
Habu- How long have you been into the art and what branch?
Message: Posted by: Justin Style (Feb 13, 2008 11:23AM)
[b][i]Welcome to the Café![/i][/b]
Message: Posted by: Dr. TORA (Mar 29, 2008 04:48AM)
Hi Don,
Welcome to our beautiful Café. As you have noticed it is one of a kind;unique.Absolutely the best the best place about magic ever.You will find this as a invaluable source that you can not buy even with money. The people are so friendly as well as being helpful.The Café is such a the unique place for Magic. It is ever expanding and has nearly 35.000 members throughout the world. It will make a great contribution to your magic perspective. Do not forget to post often. You will find many new friends and many new ideas here. I predict you will like the Café.Please grab a chair and begin to type your next post while you have a cup of strong Turkish coffee on my bill.
We are glad that you have joined us.