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Topic: New Daniel Madison effects coming soon.....
Message: Posted by: slydini62 (Feb 11, 2008 11:53AM)
These killer Daniel Madison effects will be released on Valentine's day:


01: A deck of cards is introduced, shuffled and shown to the spectators as a mixed up deck of cards
02: The deck is spread face up on the surface and the performer quickly scans through the cards from one end to the other before closing the deck
03: After a few moments in thought, the performer explains his ability to simulate a photographic memory and begins to offer a demonstration
04: The deck is randomly cut into two piles and a spectator is invited to freely choose whichever pile they want
05: The performer writes down a 2-digit-number as a prediction at the top of his pad of paper for all to see
06: The spectator then selects a card from their chosen pile; this card is seen by all and written on the pad of paper and left aside (face down)
07: The performer states how many cards he thinks are held by the spectator and writes this number down…
08: The cards are counted and the performers guess is correct
09: The performer then writes down how many of each coloured card he thinks are held by the spectator and writes down the numbers
10: The cards are separated by colour and counted, the performers guess is once again correct
11: The performer then predicts how many cards from each suit is held by the spectator, he is correct again
12: The performer then, one-by-one correctly names every card held by the spectator other than one card which is named last… The spectators selected card.

13: All the numbers written on the pad are then added together by the spectator; the final number matches the two-digit prediction written down at the beginning of the demonstration

The link is here:



The performer introduces a pad of paper and a pen; he takes a good long look into his spectators’ eyes and begins to write

The performer tears off the paper and folds it before placing it somewhere in view

The performer then asks the spectator to name anything*

The spectators word* is written down on the pad for clarification, i.e. correct spelling and proof of the word

The spectator then opens the paper - written on at the beginning and kept in full view the entire time - to reveal a 100% correct prediction


The performer introduces a pad of paper and a pen and places an envelope in view
The performer asks the spectator to name anything*
The spectators word* is written down on the pad for clarification, i.e. correct spelling and proof of the word

The envelope is then opened and the spectator reads the letter inside…
Today I will meet a very friendly young woman who wears the colour red
I will offer her a moment of magic through which I will ask her to think of any word she desires
To which she will respond with the word ------*
*This can be ANYTHING, a word, a pin number, a car licence plate, the number printed on a bill, a playing card, a telephone number etc and the prediction note can be amended to match ANY situation

Notes from Daniel about THE DEVILS TOUCH

The prediction can be ANYTHING that can be written down or even drawn
You can perform this effect on ANYBODY at ANYTIME
The pad of paper is completely legit and un-gimmicked
The prediction is written with a different pen to the one used during the effect
The prediction is not a carbon or otherwise copy of the predicted word
No swami

EVERYTHING is clean and can be examined

The method does have to be learnt and practiced as The Devils Touch teaches a skill-based method

There is deception in play, which is very minimal, cunning and will never be seen by spectators

Difficulty level 7/10

The link is here:


All of Daniel's stuff is fantastic!! Looking forward to thse gems soon!!

Frank Velasco
Message: Posted by: dylan magic (Feb 12, 2008 03:04AM)
don't tell everyone.

Message: Posted by: LLL (Feb 12, 2008 06:07AM)
I just bought ONE from Daniel Madison and I'm quite impressed. Some nice material in there for the price (£9.99).

I'm just looking at this this now though and thinking that everything described can be achieved with a simple B***et S****H and P****T Wr*****

Anyone else have any thoughts?

By the way, has anyone got "change" looks an amaziningly visual change.

Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Feb 12, 2008 11:50AM)
Not to deviate much from the original post but yes.....Change 2008 looks incredible!!
Message: Posted by: deputy (Feb 14, 2008 04:23PM)
Anybody get these yet?
Message: Posted by: tian_ci (Feb 14, 2008 04:48PM)
82 sounds like a memorized/stacked deck routine. Not sure if it's worth the $$$ for me.

I'm curious about devils touch though....
Message: Posted by: Andy the cardician (Feb 17, 2008 03:20AM)
Thanks for the review
Message: Posted by: discjockey (Feb 19, 2008 09:41PM)
Any more reviews on Devil's Touch?
Message: Posted by: jquackc (Feb 20, 2008 10:37PM)
On 2008-02-17 04:20, Andy the cardician wrote:
Thanks for the review

What Review?

There's only a description for the effect above....no review.