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Topic: Question on ECHOO echoo,
Message: Posted by: Habu (Feb 13, 2008 09:15AM)
Howdy, I just got in my first PA system. I have never had one of my own, always just talked loudly or used the system from the facility.

First, I have a sound newbie question. Is there a specific use for the echo effect? I wasn't sure if it is only used to sound "cool" or if it has a specific purpose such as adjusting for the acoustics of a room or something.

Now, about my new purchase--this little PA system seems pretty good. I got a factory refurbished Pyle PWMA230 battery operated system with wireless hand mic for $100 delivered. It is not what I was looking at originally, but seems to fit my immediate needs and will make a good (I hope) back up system and for those times when I do not have power available for some reason. Specs are below.

It seems to have plenty of power for a party at a home or classroom sized event, probably will handle up to 50 or more children I guess. I still plan to get the Fender Passport PD-250 with stands at a later date for use in gyms and auditoriums. But this little fella seems to pack a pretty large sound and is very very portable.


[*]Unit Powered by Internal Rechargeable Battery Pack
[*]2 Mic, 1 Guitar, and 1 Audio 1/4'' Inputs
[*]Echo, Bass and Treble Controls
[*]RF, Charge, Low Batt & Power LED Indicators
[*]Dynamic Wireless Mic w/ 3 Position Power Switch & LED
[*]Operation range: 100 ft.
[*]8'' Full range Speaker
[*]100W RMS, 200W Peak Power
[*][b]Unit Battery Life: Approx. 5 Hours[/b]
[*]Mic Battery Life: Approx. 45 Hours
[*]Ported Enclosure for Increased Bass Response
[*]Telescoping Handle & Caster Wheels
[*]35mm Speaker Stand Mount
[*]Operating Frequency: 177-205 MHz
[*]110/220 Voltage Switchable
[*]Weight: 26.5 lbs.
[*]Dimensions: 14.7''L x 10.6''W x 11.2''H
Message: Posted by: silverking (Feb 13, 2008 11:07AM)
The echo effect is not something you will use for anything other than "special" voice effects.

It has no application in correcting room acoustics.

It is really just icing on your PA, and you shouldn't feel uncomfortable if you never even turn it on :)
Message: Posted by: David Bilan (Feb 13, 2008 12:07PM)
It's an effect to give the ambiance of being in a concert hall or a canyon. It's not an EQ tool. It can give you the "Voice of God." Good luck.