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Topic: Precliption?
Message: Posted by: davidrowyn (Feb 19, 2008 12:10AM)
I have three colored cloths-pins in a little holding box labeled "Precliption" and I have no idea to what effect this is referring or to what use the cloths-pins (seemingly un-gimmicked) are.

Any ideas?

My best,

Message: Posted by: Angelo the Magician (Feb 19, 2008 02:15AM)
Are they all in exactly the same size (in any dimension!) are they equal "sharp"?
Message: Posted by: davidrowyn (Feb 19, 2008 03:07AM)
Yes, all the same size.

As for sharpness—I note the following: That at the end of the clip opposite the spring (i.e., on the part that pinches) the ends have a difference in 'sharpness' such that I could discern by touch which colored clip I was touching if I were blindfolded.

Does that sound familiar or did you mean something else by sharp?