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Topic: AirForce (coins to Cup)
Message: Posted by: feher (Feb 24, 2008 05:47PM)
This is one of my takes on a coins to cup. I wanted to do one without all the back and forth of the coins from hand to hand. I think I did that.
I got inspiration from David Stone, Scott Guinn, John Bannon, boy that's a mix....lol
Anyway I hope you like it.
Comments welcome

Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Feb 24, 2008 09:36PM)

Props to you on the choice of premise for this one. I like the way you've positioned the audience to appreciate as even more impossible the fact that the last coin makes no noise on arrival. That's the way to use presentation to solve problems with the method.

The problem for me is, however, that the topic of your lecture is not of any natural interest to the audience. I mean, if someone asked me if I'd rather hear a lecture on the history of technology in the US Air Force or see a cool coin trick, I'd probably go for the coin trick.

Suppose you take the same approach, but from the audience's perspective: "People are always asking me if the hand is quicker than the eye. You might think so, but the government has proven that it's just not possible to move so fast that you're invisible. Really, the Air Force cares about this, in the 1900's they built the fastest jet they could, (like the first coin) you could still see and hear it coming...."

This preserves the clever structure of your routine, but slants it more towards magic, and what the audience is experiencing. I'd avoid summing up with the "history of flight" line, perhaps the lesson (if there is one) is that there is a way to move invisibly, but it's a government secret, and you can't tell anyone.
Message: Posted by: Justin Style (Feb 25, 2008 09:41AM)
Thanks for sharing.
Message: Posted by: andrelimantara (Feb 25, 2008 09:48AM)
It's very nice routine.
It's very creative of you can related Air Force to your coins.
Other story might go better with the trick as well though... Just IMHO.

Thanks for sharing
Message: Posted by: MickeyPainless (Feb 25, 2008 11:30AM)
Considering that I learned my first coins to glass routine from you and the ending is my favorite kicker I'll have to give this a big thumbs up!
Message: Posted by: feher (Feb 25, 2008 07:10PM)
Thanks buddy for the suggestion on patter I will explore going dowwn that raod with it. You bring up some great points.
Justin and Andre
Thanks for taking the time to view and comment on my routine.....

What can I say....I did'nt know I was your first.... then you left without saying good bye.....lol
Pm me if you would like this new version buddy
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Feb 25, 2008 07:40PM)
Pretty nice Tim. Particularly like the last phase with the coins going through the glass. Pretty cool. :) Keep up the good work my friend. Always a pleasure to see you do your thing. -Mb