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Topic: Rising Mistake
Message: Posted by: Magikrn (Feb 25, 2008 01:08AM)
This is an effect by Michael Powers from his book Top Secret Stuff. The effect is called Rising Mistake. Enjoy

Message: Posted by: Justin Style (Feb 25, 2008 09:39AM)
Thanks for sharing.
Message: Posted by: gdw (Feb 25, 2008 12:00PM)
I think I prefer the one in Gregory Wilson's Card Stunts. The change is done visually, and can be done instantly after the rise.

I do a sleight variation that simply allows for it to be done without the jogging of the cards.

From the looks of this, however, it is easier than the one Wilson does, as his requires the cards to be jogges separately, and the "move" done twice, but this is what allows for the visual change.