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Topic: Trap door card
Message: Posted by: Kristian Skovbo (Feb 27, 2008 06:43AM)
Hi All

Iam looking for more info on Robert Neale Trap door card(playig card with a flap in the middle)
Where did it appear in print?

Message: Posted by: Elliott Hodges (Feb 29, 2008 03:06AM)
It's in Nicholas Einhorn's latest book.
It's called "magical illusions" and can be found on his website or on amazon.

alternatively try and see him lecture-he teaches the trick in there.
Message: Posted by: IanKendall (Mar 2, 2008 07:08AM)
It's explained in Lifesavers, by Michael Weber and taught in Celebration of Sides (the video). David Britland's version 'Paralax card' is in Magic Menu First Five Years, and Terri Rogers stuck two back to back to make Stargate.

More recently, the Wonderland Bill takes the principle and applies it to a dollar bill.

Take care, Ian
Message: Posted by: newguy (Mar 7, 2008 10:26AM)
You are missing the big one:

THE TRAP DOOR CARD manuscript, with material by Bob Ostin (the submarine card) Bob Neale and Karl Fulves.

Published by Karl Fulves and pretty hard to find.
Message: Posted by: Belleque (Mar 7, 2008 06:25PM)
Here is an example of the bill trap door.
Message: Posted by: D J Hawkins (May 4, 2008 09:56AM)
Just want to add my comments about the fabulous Wonderland Dollar. I have been performing this in walkaround ever since it was first released by Nick Brown and having been getting amazing reactions with it. Although not a 'trick' as such, the audience get the strong impression that they have seen something utterly impossible.

The other great things about this is that it is very visual and can be peformed right at fingertips and competely surrounded. Also, and I find this is a real bonus, because it really doesn't involve and 'work' on the part of the magician - it can act as a much needed breather in amongst your heavier sleight of hand material.

Things this good don't come along very often, and anyone who performs in a walkaround / strolling environment should search this out without delay.
Message: Posted by: Hushai (Jul 24, 2008 01:28AM)
There is a great YouTube video of the trapdoor card. I can't seem to get the URL just right for this video, but Google "Trapdoor card Neale" and you should find it. I have tried Einhorn's way and it works, but the guy on YouTube shows an easier way to do it, and has a clever presentation.
Message: Posted by: Hushai (Aug 8, 2008 02:03PM)
There is an ebook by R. Shane called "Impossible Matters." It is available from Lybrary.com. It has a routine with the trapdoor card and a lot of interesting reflections on it. It's an inexpensive book and worth looking at.
Message: Posted by: merlin2812 (Oct 8, 2012 07:06AM)
I bough the ebook from R.Shane, and really enjoyed it! There are 2 routines, the second one involves the trapdoor effect. In the first one, I discovered the "hypercard", and just for that, I was already very happy with my purchase!


Message: Posted by: Cranial Fermentator (Nov 10, 2012 03:05AM)
You can also find it on page 112 of Self-Working Paper Magic: 81 Foolproof Tricks by Karl Fulves.
Message: Posted by: epsilon38 (Apr 17, 2015 01:42PM)
Could anyone give the publication date of the first description of this effect ?