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Topic: Still job hunting
Message: Posted by: marD (Mar 5, 2008 02:32PM)
Hey all!

I didn't even know this forum was here, but I thought that I'd post in it now that I've found it...

I've been unemployed for almost 7 months now. My unemployment ran out about a month ago and since then, I've had enough only by the grace of God. I currently have applications in for at least 4 jobs that I know that I'm qualified for, but I haven't heard from any of them yet. I've kept myself busy by running an online tshirt shop (link in my sig).

I'm sure that I will hear about something soon but any prayer that you could give would definitely help! :)

Thanks so much,

Message: Posted by: Justin Style (Mar 5, 2008 03:27PM)
Good luck, hang in there.

Where are you from?
Message: Posted by: Steven Leung (Mar 6, 2008 02:13AM)
I have experienced what you are experiencing ... for 2 years.

Not only that, the magic shop I invested did not earn a single cents of profit since it open, that even worse when I look after the shop during such unemployment darkness of my life trying to cut down most cost.

It is tough, and there is no one in the world can help you out...

Although I have no religion, at those times, even now, I always as the Almighty, 'Is the worst over?'

Well, I am fortunate to have a low pay job since last year with 40% salary decrease compare with my last job, but at least, I have a stomach to feed.

Doing an on-line TV shirt is better than a magic shop I can tell you, maybe it will turns out to be your own business, you never know.

Hang in there, have faith and keep smiling, days will be better.
Message: Posted by: marD (Mar 6, 2008 01:31PM)
Justin - I'm originally for Ohio, but I'm now living in Alabama (I moved here to be close to my daughter)..

Steven - Thanks for the encouragement. I know that everything will work out, and it's an awesome thing to know that God is still looking out for me even with all that I've been through. I would love to have my t-shirt shop be full time, but I have a lot of work to do before I see that happening! :)

Thanks again!

Message: Posted by: Tom Fenton (Mar 8, 2008 03:32PM)

I hope that something comes along for you soon.

I will say a prayer for you.