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Topic: Santini's Medeco S&W High Security escape
Message: Posted by: x-treem (Mar 11, 2003 08:24PM)
Though I sell and promote Steve Santini products, I review only what I own. With that said, this has got to be the coolest Santini item I own.

Pickable Medeco high security Smith and Wesson handcuffs.

The Medeco Retro-Fit, made by BOA, was designed to heighten security on a standard pair of handcuffs by introducing a pin tumbler Medeco lock (like a door lock or padlock). The retro fit could be assembled onto a standard Peerless or Smith and Wesson and was bought by law enforcement agencies that need to transport the worst of the worst criminals or those who were considered flight risks.

Santiniís version uses an ungimmicked pair of Smith and Wesson handcuffs along with an actual Medeco retro fit that is so cleverly gimmicked it can pass the inspection of a pro and can even be double locked but still you can escape!! The Medeco has its pins in place and functions with the actual key belonging to the lock but it can also be opened with a simple pick and no knowledge of picking is required. Read that again!! Pins in place, double locked, examinable and still simple to escape from.

Steve also makes the escape with Peerless handcuffs, or you can add a waist chain and simple to pick padlock (that has pins) to give you an entire routine all in one. This is great for full view picking demonstrations, as it all requires one tool. I went for the full package, S&W retro fit with waist chain and padlock and was getting out in no time but yet I have had both police officers and locksmiths baffled as to how I do it because Santini went to great lengths to make this escape examinable!!

Want to see it for yourself? Come by the Titanic Concept/X-treem table at the Escape artist convention in Indianapolis and ask me for a demonstration. It truly does not get any better than this.
Message: Posted by: The Donster (May 10, 2003 06:47AM)
Shawn how much is that illusion you're talking about? Don,
Message: Posted by: x-treem (May 10, 2003 07:52PM)
$135 for a Smith and Wesson
$138 for a Peerless
Message: Posted by: The Donster (May 10, 2003 08:46PM)
Shawn what is the difference besides the $3.00, is Peerless preferred over S&W or vice versa? Don,
Message: Posted by: x-treem (May 10, 2003 09:06PM)
Basically it comes down to the person using the cuffs. I prefer Smith and Wesson myself and it is my own personal belief that the S&W name is a little better known and their products used more than Peerless. Any other questions let me know.