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Topic: Billy McComb
Message: Posted by: Mona Morrison (Mar 12, 2003 08:03AM)
I got this information the other day...

Billy McComb went home from Dessert Springs hospital, on Sunday, March 09. He had suffered a mild heart attack, while going through the Copperfield museum, and they put a pacemaker in, and now Billy's fine. He was opening for The Amazing Johnathan last week and Johnathan was with him when he had the attack. Billy asks that all cards, etc. be sent to him in care of The Magic Castle in Hollywood, as he is the Vice President. He's OK, I talked to him for a couple of hours before he left, and he's the same Billy and looks fine. If anyone Billy's age has a constitution tougher than Billy's, I've yet to meet him. See you all tomorrow night at the club. DD
The Magic of DONDRAKE
Message: Posted by: JustAnotherMagi (Mar 12, 2003 10:19PM)
Wow...I just saw Billy at the castle last month.