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Topic: Wait for NEW iCue2 PA or purchase iCue2?
Message: Posted by: dlachance (Mar 28, 2008 08:48AM)
I just spoke to a VSM rep and they said it will be another 4 to 6 weeks before the iCue2 PA is available. I am ready to purchase but I don't know if I should just go ahead and get the iCue2 for my ipod and existing passport system (and smaller PA that I have for birthdays) or wait it out and get the iCue2 PA.

The pros would be that everything is contained in one box. The cons are everything is contained in one box. If something fails the whole system goes back. Plus, new technology like this is always iffy.

Should I just go with the tried and true iCue2 or wait for the PA.

What to do, what to do. Anythoughts from the pros would be helpful.
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Mar 28, 2008 01:34PM)
Well, as a guy who talks to the VSM reps on an (almost) weekly basis...if you haven't discovered this, Kelly has (and I do NOT work for Kelly or VSM in ANY capacity other than a very satisfied customer!) 20 original iCue2 units set up for FAST sale in a closeout. Less than $500, and you can get an iPod from him for around $60 to go with it.

My iCue2 Soundbox PA (as everybody here knows from my other thread/posts) is on order, and I'm patiently awaiting delivery. I do have an original iCue2 that I'm using.

As far as pros and cons...you're right, that's why I always have a redundant system IN CASE anything should go wrong. My original iCue2 has never had a problem, and I don't forsee the new one having any. If it did, VSM would stand behind their quality.

I meant to bring my iCue2 down to your IBM meeting 2 weeks ago to show everybody what it's capable of doing. With Tom (Terrific) Smith there, however, I doubt I would've had time. Just drove off and 10 miles towards you, realized that I'd forgotten it.

Message: Posted by: dlachance (Mar 28, 2008 02:49PM)
Thanks a bunch Steve.....

Your advice helpful as usual.

Take care,
Message: Posted by: kenscott (Mar 28, 2008 10:51PM)

Check out the mp3 tech. You saw how it worked at the convention we met at.

Message: Posted by: dlachance (Mar 29, 2008 12:51AM)
Thanks Ken...I did talk to Joe Lefler for some time about the mp3 tech at the convention. I do like it very much. Is there a reason in your mind why it stands out over the iCue2?

Message: Posted by: MagicOzzy (Mar 29, 2008 11:29AM)

I'm new to the Café, but not new to performing and I have been researching all of the systems out there.

Do you know by chance if the "Close-outs" that you mentioned work for the newest/current generation of IPODs, as that is what I currently own?

Thanks for the assistance!
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Mar 29, 2008 12:34PM)
THAT...I don't know. Being that they're still in the shop, Kelly probably has the latest firmware installed in the iCue2 units.

I feel your pain on the "researching". I spent 9 months looking at all the available systems, and even got to use a couple of them before deciding. Used the ShowTech for 15 years, and quite frankly, got tired of the miscues and getting off track in the middle of the shows. Got to "testdrive" the "Performer" system, and hated the thought of having to use a laptop. Who has the room to put one of those out visible during a smaller show? Got the iCue2, and it's never failed, the learning curve is virtually nonexistent for setup/programming, and it's the perfect size to be placed in a visible spot during shows, and still being quite inconspicuous.

PM me, and we can talk...


Message: Posted by: kenscott (Mar 29, 2008 09:47PM)
MP3 tech does everything and more. First and foremost 100% great customer service. The display is wireless. the remote is smaller much easier to conceal. Learing curve on the MP3 nothing. Showtech system sure it was harder to learn but again it was the best for its time. Kerry has now made a system that goes way past the other systems out there.

PM me and we can talk. . .
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Mar 29, 2008 10:28PM)
I got to test the MP3 Tech as well, without the wireless display. I didn't like the fact that I had to find a place to keep the display unit, which was larger than some of the props I used, and the display itself couldn't be seen from far away, as the large display of the iCue2 can, and the iPrompter scrolling text display (which displays whatever text your iPod is showing for that particular track) can, too. With different backlight capabilities and different text sizes, both change with just a touch of a button. The original MP3 Tech didn't have the capability of changing show track order at the venue ("on the fly"), but apparently, that's finally been corrected. With the iCue2, you're not limited to any number of shows being stored, as you use the "on the go" playlist on your iPod to set your show. Last minute (heck, last SECOND) changes only take about 10 seconds. Also, the iCue2 has 2 built-in speakers on the rear, so, to preview a track, there's no need to get out the speakers or sound system to accomplish that. Speakers automatically turn off when a line is plugged into it.

Apparently, I used the term "closeouts" for the iCue2 stock, and that's totally incorrect. That line isn't being closed out, just a few there to move from a tradeshow. Less than $500 will get an original iCue2 unit.

I use the "click-feel" remote with my iCue2 (and that's what's coming with my iCue2 Soundbox PA), so the size is irrelevant, as it's in your pocket, and no need to palm or hide anything. Also, the new Soundbox PA has a feature that NO other system has...it's all in one package! Speakers, amp, 16-channel wireless mic with either a handheld, lavalier or headset mic. Carry the unit in, set it down (or put it on a mic stand (the flange is built into the bottom), put on the beltpack wireless mic, power up and you're set.

Message: Posted by: Majestic12 (Mar 29, 2008 10:28PM)
So Dorian, as you see here, what it comes down to is that you need to buy both VSM and the MP3 tech systems lol .
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Mar 29, 2008 10:34PM)
It'll also depend upon what you want to use for an audio source, either an iPod or an SD card.

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Mar 29, 2008 11:30PM)

An IPOD Nano is basically an SD card.

Check this video out about the Mp3Tech.


The MP3Tech has features not available on the Icue2. Such as individual auto pause time between tracks, individual volume control, and custom fades.

The Icue2 (iPrompter) has a lcd display that you plug in to a phone line, the Mp3Tech display is wireless. But the iPrompter has 3 different display sizes.

The Mp3Tech has a nice little keyfob remotes. The Icue requires you to press the button a certain length in order for an Autopuase, if you press it wrong you just lower the music volume.

Several Icue2 users have Posted that their units have mistriggred or frozen in the middle of their show. I havn't seen anyone make this comment about the MP3Tech.

The fact is that an IPOD was not designed to be controlled by a remote control, as some of us know we sometimes have problems controlling an IPod with the click wheel. Though the VirtualSoundman people have done a great job building the Icue2. In contrast the MP3Tech was designed to be controlled by a remote control.

The iCue Soundbox PA looks like a good buy for small living room shows. But if you are doing large outdoor shows I would consider another buy. If I read their ad correctly the 2 speaker system is blasting out at 60 watts, which should cover about 50 people max indoors, in a quite setting.

The choice is yours.

I own a MiniCue, 3 IPods, 3 PC laptops,MP3Tech, and tons of remotes.

Message: Posted by: Joan Spydel (Mar 30, 2008 02:41AM)
Well, my gosh, there you go again mr. Gothike,

I met Kelly Duro at the Florida NSA convention 2 years ago, and had the opportunity to use the Sound Box recently. As far as the Sound Box goes, it is loud enough to cover an outdoor lot filled with about 300 people as it did for my City Walk Keynote last week. Not just 50, that is just silly. It did a great job, and I feel confident about using it, I love it.

I have an iPod and it is not an SD card, far from it. Their iPrompter is not an lcd, it is a bright florescent display of some kind. I tried it outdoors and I could still see it clearly.

Another thing, you don’t have to press a button for autopause, because autopause is just that, autopause. The more I read what you write, I am convinced these are disparaging comments, meant to mislead folks away.

Finally, I happen to be an acquaintance with one of the iPod & I/O Technology Evangelists for a few years now, and that is how I initially came to be introduced to Kelly Duro, and found this forum in a google search while trying to reconnect just recently.

Now when I see gothike write:
“The fact is that an IPOD was not designed to be controlled by a remote control”

I just have to say, this has to be the most imprudent statements I have seen yet. I know this from my professional connection with Apple, and that the whole “made for iPod” certification program was born to help foster supporting technologies so that Apple can help spawn dependable accessories, and as a result, it has become gloriously successful. Kelly explained to me how difficult this task was to become certified, and how long it took initially, but he did it. So, Yes, iPod's were made to be controlled by a remote, just ask Bose, or Belkin, or a host of others. This is why I feel comfortable with the Virtual Soundman corp.

sorry, I am really not trying to be rude.

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Mar 30, 2008 05:46AM)

Welcome back, I am so glad you decided to POST again after I mentioned the ICue2.

Sorry I wasn't clear. But as an owner of a MiniCue and MP3Tech I just wanted to share some info.

I will make myself a little more clear.

1)The Icue2 uses a contained Vacuum florescent display, its still not wireless. A fancy LCD type display. The MP3Tech is wirless.

2)An Ipod Nano uses flash memory sorta like a SD card. So it basically it is a fancy SD card with firmware (software) and a controller. They are both used to store MP3's and music from several codecs.

3)Apple was not happy when people started grabbing track info with remote control units and displaying them on LCD screens. Some "Inside" person shared that info.

4) The ICue2 has Autopause as does the MP3Tech. That means it automatically pauses between tracks. But when you have to stop the music for some odd reason with a fade then you have to press a button on the remote. The problem with that button is that it serves a dual purpose, if you press it fast it lowers the volume, now if you press it and hold for a second it will fade. This means you might experience problems, maybe you will get used to it. Now the MP3Tech is just one push of a button.

5) Now to elaborate the statement:
“The fact is that an IPOD was not designed to be controlled by a remote control”.

The Ipod goes into sleep mode to save battery life when it is not playing a song. To prevent sleep mode when a song is not playing in the IPOD, the Icue is sending forward and rewind signals at certain intervals. Now during a long show the IPOD buffer might get full, the switching back and forth can possibly lock up the IPOD. That is what I belief is happening to some users that have complaints and lock-ups. The MP3Tech was developed from scratch for our magic show purposes while the ICue was built to control another manufacturers item, an IPOD for our magic show purposes.

6) Why am I bothering its 3:30am in the morning. Sorry for the grammer and mispells.

Anyhow, Joan please share with us your experience with the Icue Boombox. I am glad you received your system. So how many total watts is the Icue2 Boombox? The 2 speaker and the 3 speaker.

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Mar 30, 2008 07:43AM)
I think you have the "boombox" confused with the "Soundbox PA". The boombox version of the iCue2 is just as it sounds, made from the pre-existing housing of a large boombox. The Soundbox PA has more output power and is in a custom housing, made for exactly this unit.

To each his own choice, however. I know from my personal experience that I didn't like the large size of the (albeit wireless) display with the MP3 Tech and the need to find a place to set it (it's really too large to mount it somewhere inconspicuously) with it's large footprint. Also having the built-in speakers on the rear of the iCue2 unit simplifies things greatly when previewing a track.

Message: Posted by: dmm (Mar 30, 2008 09:06PM)
I have to say the Gothike was kind enough to email a friend of mine who is a pretty big performer a few months back and gave him some great advice, even recommending Virtual Soundman?

After researching everyone's post's here it seems everyone has their preferences and loyalties, and that is a GOOD thing that their is not only one system, each have their advantages, and some probably can be improved.

All in all I appreciate everyones advice, and will be sending some more PM's to research.

Even though I only perform about 100 shows a year, I just want to make sure I make the best choice.

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Mar 30, 2008 09:31PM)
Check the latest edition of "Magic"..page 32, and you'll see the ad for Virtual Soundman with all the contact info and a list of some of the big names who currently use this system. I first got acquainted with the VSM products when I saw Brian Gillis perform locally and we had lunch the next day and discussed sound systems. Also, Jeff Hobson speaks highly, too!

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Mar 30, 2008 09:55PM)

I wrote that post at 3:30am to Joan Spydel. I honestly am surprised she is able to reach 300 people outdoors as she claims with that boombox. Maybe Yamaha, Peavey and every audio engineer should hire the developers of VSM to build their PA systems since they seem to crank so much sound out of a little unit.

Their new Soundbox unit from the picture looks like it is using 5 inch speakers.

I just hate it when a company advertises that it can cover 400 people from 2 little 5 inch speakers.

Maybe they reinvented the wheel.


Talk to Kerry Pollack from WirelessWizardry and his MP3Tech is compatible with an IPOD. That means you can hookup your IPOD to his system to control your sound.

Also I am sure he can also sell you some scrolling display such as the VSM one.

The decision is yours.

Message: Posted by: kenscott (Mar 31, 2008 12:45AM)
Dmm could not have said it better, people do have their preferences and loyalties. I lecture often doing other magicians from around the world and when I get to the part about adding sound/music to ones act I talk about what I use MP3tech and I talk about others things that are out there like VSM. I tell people there are options.

For what I do the mp3 tech is great for me. By the way Steve if I 'need" to (which I have not) I can plug my ipod headphones up to my MP3 tech and listen to the tracks if need be, no big deal there. the display not sure what you meant by it being bigger? If I recall it is smaller than the VSM one? You can put it on the foot of the stage or in your case , very easy. It can go anywhere it is WIRELESS.

I must say I saw a show last month where the performer was using the VSM and he had everything attached to the speaker. He had the display attached there as well. It was stage left and all I could see was a rather distration was the display I think blinking or scrolling so everyone could see. The performer had it turned side ways so he could see it but any body on that side of the room saw the diplay displaying.

As far as the AD? Look on Kerry's site and you will see some of the top guys in the feild using his system. http://www.wirelesswizardry.com/

To each his own but I want people to be aware of the other things that are available besides VSM. Seems the FX section has turned into the VSM section.

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Mar 31, 2008 07:52AM)

No, people are free to choose whichever system is best for them, and there are more than just the WW and the VSM, as well. Just letting people know the features. I thing the big plus is the all-in-one system, including amp and speakers all in one single unit to carry. I'm getting too old to carry my 2 Peavey 112 (old style cabinets) speakers around. My back's just not up to it. If I can bring one unit in, less than 10 pounds, with everything built in and nothing to hook up or plug in, that would be the thing. If I needed to, I could take a line out of the iCue2 Soundbox, and plug into a house system or larger system of my own, too.

Message: Posted by: Terry Harris (Apr 23, 2008 08:14PM)
I start back on the road May 1st doing festivals through the midwest. I traded my Kelly Duro Boom Box system in for the $400.00 trade in. I shipped it to them weeks ago. I was told that I would have my new I-cue soundbox within 6 weeks, (which is NOW). I paid 1/2 deposit and told Kelly's wife that I can't order if it takes past April 25th. She said it would be in my hands for sure by then. Today I called Kelly and he said he wouldn't even have the boards for at least 8 to 10 more days. I ask for my money back and he got nasty. I have spent over $2,000.00 with him in the last 4 years. Why nasty. Do any of you know something about Virtual Soundman that I need to know?
Message: Posted by: sleightly (May 21, 2008 10:01PM)
Just to clarify a point that GOTHIKE made earlier in this thread about the iCue2's AutoFade feature. Based on a suggestion by Jeff Hobson, VSM reprogrammed the firmware sometime ago to allow retraining the "Pause/Play" button on the transmitter as an "AutoFade" button eliminating the need for a "long press" Auto Fade on the "Volume Down" button as described earlier in the thread. This feature was incorporated over a year ago and I believe prior iCue2 users have an option to send in their hardware for a firmware upgrade.

This gives the option to those who prefer a fade out to a hard pause.

Message: Posted by: NealF (Jun 13, 2008 12:58PM)
I bought the iCue2 almost 2 years ago. I had some initial problems with it. 2 or three of the units couldn't be use more than about 7 feet away. Kelly took them back and was baffled until he found out that static electricity will ruin the circuit board. I was living in San Diego where it's very dry.

I got good service from Kelly. And I've since moved to Florida and have used the unit for a one-man music based show. All went well. Haven't used it much since. But it has left me feeling like I have to be very careful with it. Just one false spark and I'm dead in the water. Anybody have any similar problems?

I posted on here over a year ago but am now looking into doing another live show and probably will use the iCue2 again. This time I'll need the wireless foot switch. Anyone have any experience with them?

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Jun 18, 2008 07:29AM)
Well...my iCue2 Soundbox PA arrived yesterday. Actually, as I was on my way out of town for my week of library shows, I passed the UPS man, and I chased him down 2 blocks, when he stopped, I basically robbed him for my iCue2.

Fantastic. That's the only word I have for it and its features.

At 10 a.m. today, it's getting its trial run. No choice, since my NEWLY-REPAIRED Countryman earset had so much crackling noise from a short in the connector that they JUST REPLACED that there's no way to use it. The wireless system with the iCue2 works fine. Ask my neighbors in this hotel I was in last night.

Well..just wanted the world to know that IT'S HERE!

Message: Posted by: Al Kazam the Magic Man (Jun 18, 2008 07:20PM)
Finally after a 7 month wait. Hope it lives up to all you want it to be. I guess it should or it will be a bitter pill to swallow, given all the back and forth here about the two competing companies.

I'm sure you'll let us all know how it goes. I for one will be waiting with bated breath.

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Jun 19, 2008 08:02PM)
Three words..."WORTH THE WAIT". That's all I'll say.

Message: Posted by: Amazing Magic Co (Jul 10, 2008 07:44AM)
I'm curious why the new iCue PA has launch without any fanfare. After lengthy delays and rumors of a major business deal, it finally ships ... yet no one is saying a thing even with a limited release. Any feedback on how it peforms in the real world? Is this continuing to sell?

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Jul 10, 2008 02:53PM)
It does continue to sell! The release has been covered in a couple other threads on the subject. At least 2 Café members (I'm one of them) have theirs. I've used mine in an indoor library show for 500 (not a typo, either) people. Operated perfectly for 300 in an indoor camp show last week, as well. Still amazes me how much lighter my show is now. No more Peavey MP4 amp/mixer, seperate wireless mic, table to hold all that, 2 Peavey 112 speakers, stands, cords..not to mention about 20 minutes just to set up the sound. My BACK loves the new iCue2 Soundbox PA!

Message: Posted by: rockwall (Jul 15, 2008 01:28PM)
Although I'm assuming it still doesn't support newer IPods and the picture on the website hasn't been updated as it doesn't appear to match what Steve reported he got. As they used to say in the programming business, Real Soon Now! As much as I like the sound of it and the review that Steve gave, these problems still raise too much of a concern for me to order one until I see things ironed out.
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Jul 15, 2008 01:43PM)
Well, as mentioned, I'm not the only guy to have one in his/her hot little hands. There's very little difference in the unit visually from the photo. The handle on the end is much better, the end and the bottom both have rubber feet, too. The firmware/software in the Soundbox does support the newer iPods. My original iCue2 (couple years old) does need a firmware upgrade if I ever wanted to get a new iPod, but doubt I'll ever do that until I absolutely have to.

Message: Posted by: rockwall (Jul 15, 2008 02:00PM)
About 2 weeks ago Patti Duro told me this:
We are currently working on the firmware to support the newest iPod lineup. The unit currently will work operate the new iPods, but without the auto pause and direct sync features. The best iPod to use would be the 1st or 2nd generation iPod Nano or the iPod Mini. You can purchase these items over the internet froam various refurb places. They can be elusive.
So, unless something has changed, it doesn't 'quite' support the new iPod's yet. You're right, you won't need to get a new iPod unless you absolutely have to, but if you do 'absolutely' have to, you may not be able to find one.

Can't find the post right now but I thought the changes were bigger than what you mention above based on a previous post I remember where you were describing speaker size and such. I may be remembering it wrong however.

Please don't thing I'm trying to start a fight with you Steve. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the VSM. I'm just pointing out some inconsistencies that make me leery.

P.S. How the heck do you spot these responses so quickly!?!? :)
Message: Posted by: Joan Spydel (Jul 19, 2008 09:06PM)
Hello Rockwall,

I can tell you that one big reason that the web site is not updated has been because VSM has been in sensitive talks with a big company- in Oregon, and they were considering buying the SoundBox outright, but were concerned that the unit was not yet absorbed into any markets yet. So it was prudent not to update the product info and photos until talks were cooled down.

However, these talks are just now finalizing, and VSM Corp is going to update the photos and other info soon.

I know that most of the technical staff is several weeks behind because many of them were involved in fighting the No Cal fires. So things should getting back to normal within the next few weeks. VSM is enlarging and growing, ( I am even helping part time-long distance) at the same time, so please be patient with them, Thank you.

Message: Posted by: funnyclown (Jul 30, 2008 10:24PM)
I have paid for my icue2 in full this last June and I currently have asked VSM to send me the icue2 when the upgrade will work with the newer ipods. When I spoke with Patti last week she said they are still waiting to get the firmware upgrade from Apple. I have been very patient. It sound like some of you users have an inside word on the icue2 and the VSM company. Can anyone tell me when I will get my icue2 and be able to use it with my nano 3rd generation? I have a big show coming up in September and I hope I will get it before then. I need the icue2 to be fully functional with sync and auto pause.
Message: Posted by: cns (Jul 30, 2008 11:34PM)
By reading the post and putting 2 and 2 together that would equal four-ever. Wow, I'm glad I've held off on a purchase as I'm convinced it's a good product but a bad deal. Too bad.
I really hope you have good luck!
Message: Posted by: funnyclown (Jul 31, 2008 01:06AM)
I really believe icue2 is the best choice for my music needs. I just want to wait for the icue2 that will work with my newer 3rd gen nano. I only hope Apple will send them what they need soon. I have a large contract in Asia starting in September and I need my music self contained and controlled by me and my remote control. VSM makes high quality products. If I don't get it soon I will need to find an old nano and ask them to send me the current version of icue2.
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Jul 31, 2008 05:29AM)
No, actually it's a great product and a great deal. People who read about my favoritism about VSM and the iCue2, and then put it down are people who've never actually used another system. Some have. I did. Prior to purchasing, I got to "test drive" a system from Wireless Wizardry (not to mention that I was a ShowTech owner/user for almost 15 years), a VSM iCue2 and a system from a guy in Nashville he called "The Performer". It was a laptop-based (Mac) system. It was nice, and reliable, but I didn't have a place to put a full laptop where it was visible in smaller shows. So when people say "this or that is my favorite", most of them haven't tried more than the one they own. I do think Ken Scott has used both a WW and a VSM system, and he's found the one he's happy with. That's all anyone should do.

I currently have a VSM iCue2, an iCue2 Soundbox PA, an LED display for it, and an iPrompter scrolling display for my regular iCue2. Never had a problem or complaint about any piece or part for any of them.

Message: Posted by: dmm (Jul 31, 2008 01:56PM)
Does anyone have the Foot Pedal for the ICUE2,

if so, please share your experiences, and if anyone wants to sell their's I'm looking!

Message: Posted by: dlachance (Jul 31, 2008 07:17PM)
I just got my foot pedal and have used it in several of my shows and I LOVE IT. It will only start and stop...no fade, but there are times when I have my hands full and the foot pedal comes in very handy. I am sure the ankle switch would be just as helpful.

Message: Posted by: MagicOzzy (Aug 1, 2008 12:09PM)

I too was also looking at a foot pedal. I was told by VSM that it will do the Auto/Fade-Cue up/next track, if that is the setting on the main unit. Is that true?

Message: Posted by: dlachance (Aug 1, 2008 03:29PM)
Yes, it will cue up to the next track, and you might be right about the fade...the instructions said nothing about it. I will have to call them, as I would like to fade. Let me know if you find anything out, and I will do likewise.

Message: Posted by: rockwall (Aug 3, 2008 03:42PM)

VSM may or may not be waiting on firmware from Apple, but if you HAVE to have it work with the latest generation IPOD, I don't think you should count on having it in time for your show in September. They're not saying WHEN it will be ready, so it could be a long time. Even if you ask them to send you their current model, based on others' experiences, I don't think you can be certain to have it in time. Some have gotten theirs, others are still waiting. Who knows what the real issues are over at VSM, but they are obviously having problems.

Message: Posted by: Wes Holly (Aug 9, 2008 10:38AM)

To all of you who have paid for a product and are experiencing unacceptable delays in receiving it, I provide you this information from the Federal Trade Commission web site:

By law, a company should ship your order within the time stated in its ads. If no time is promised, the company should ship your order within 30 days after receiving it.

If the company is unable to ship within the promised time, they must give you an “option notice.” This notice gives you the choice of agreeing to the delay or canceling your order and receiving a prompt refund.

Message: Posted by: MagicOzzy (Aug 14, 2008 10:29AM)

Just to let you know, I received the foot pedal, and it does do the auto fade if the main unit is set up for it! Very cool. I can't wait to start rehearsing with it.

I will be working with my whole iCue2 setup over the next few weeks at about 20 different theater's sound systems, and I will let you know how everything works out!
Message: Posted by: dlachance (Aug 14, 2008 10:53AM)
Can't wait to hear about it....I love mine......

I do have auto fade set up......but it doesn't do it on the foot pedal. Perhaps I have missed something....I'll have to call VSM to find out what I missed...
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Aug 14, 2008 03:34PM)
Question for you foot pedal users... Where would you keep it so it's surreptitiously available, and why not use the remote in your pocket?

Message: Posted by: dlachance (Aug 14, 2008 03:36PM)
I keep mine behind my Lefler table........and when my hands are full with torches, or cards, or rocky, I can start and stop music......
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Aug 14, 2008 04:56PM)
Ah...good point. Do you have/use the regular remote or the "click/feel" remote? I've always used the C-F remote, just in my pocket. I never have to reach inside the pocket to use it.

Message: Posted by: dmm (Aug 14, 2008 08:03PM)
I will use the pedal and the remote as I perform escapes as well, and do not have my hands available frequently. I have no problem having it in the open, but I have been staging it behind a chair or in the legs of a tripod table or mic stand, as I could not believe how tiny it is.

I had to program it to my main unit, which I thought was going to be a big pain in the...

It was actually quite easy, and now hopefully everything lives up to the expectations in the actual performances.
Message: Posted by: dlachance (Aug 15, 2008 08:58AM)
I use the click feel on my belt. I can press it thru my shirt or vest.......

And yes...the foot pedal was very easy to match to the iCue2 brains.....and I found out yesterday how to get it and the play/pause button to default to fade out. Woooo hoooooo!
Message: Posted by: Lucca (Aug 25, 2008 07:28PM)
I've been trying to order an iCue for months now. I don't even get a response from them. The website says it's out of stock. Does anyone have information about it?
Message: Posted by: Donal Chayce (Aug 25, 2008 09:20PM)
Unless they've been deleted, there are a number of other threads regarding the problems folks have had in connection with purchasing products from this vendor. Based on those, you should thank your lucky stars that you didn't place an order with payment included.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Aug 25, 2008 11:54PM)
Have you tried calling them on the phone? I always got good response from them.
Message: Posted by: cns (Aug 26, 2008 04:29PM)
Has anyone been able to contact VSM lately? Also, if they have made contact, is VSM taking orders?
Message: Posted by: John Martin (Aug 26, 2008 06:29PM)
Try contacting Joan Spydel. She's on the Café and seems to have knowledge about the company. Perhaps, she can help.

All the best,

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Aug 26, 2008 07:23PM)
Just "spoke" with (okay, it was emails) Kelly Duro today about some things.

Message: Posted by: joemystic (Feb 13, 2009 04:11PM)
I have been unable to contact them. Their website is down and I am now saying goodbye to the $1000 I gave them for a new soundbox. I am very pessimistic about recovering my investment but would welcome any good news.
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Feb 13, 2009 05:15PM)
Very glad to have gotten mine, and love it.

Message: Posted by: Bill Wilson (Feb 13, 2009 08:20PM)
Yeah Steve, I'm sure Joemystic appreciates those encouraging words.
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Feb 14, 2009 05:22AM)
Well, too many people think this product was never made or sold.

Message: Posted by: Bill Wilson (Feb 14, 2009 08:16AM)
On 2009-02-13 18:15, Stevethomas wrote:
Very glad to have gotten mine, and love it.


Steve, there have been countless horror stories posted here about VSM, no need to recount any of them. A quote like yours is like rubbing salt into a wound.
Message: Posted by: Al Kazam the Magic Man (Feb 14, 2009 04:46PM)
I for one think that something fishy has gone on with Steve and his soundcue box. I feel he maybe got his for all of his support of VSM here.

I too was very shocked and saddened by his response a few posts above to someone who has lost $1000. I sometimes get the feeling that Steve doesn't believe those who post their horror stories about VSM.
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Feb 14, 2009 05:19PM)
I do believe the stories. Some of the people who paid and got nothing are friends of mine (RevJohn for one) that I regularly keep in touch with. I hate for anyone to lose money. I paid for my iCue2 and my iCue2 Soundbox PA just like everyone else. I also waited 7 months and 3 weeks to get my Soundbox. I was about to cancel the order when it arrived. I didn't pay with paypal, but used a money order, so I know it would've been very hard to get my money back if I had cancelled. Café member Terry Harris also got a SoundBox from VSM, so it's not just me, either.

Message: Posted by: Mystical Matthew (Feb 17, 2009 09:55AM)
I personally sold off my iCue2 ages ago for an MP3 Tech. I couldn't be happier!
Message: Posted by: Bill Wilson (Feb 17, 2009 04:24PM)
Good idea Matthew, you'll be a lot happier with the MP3 Tech. I pity the guy that bought the iCue2 off you. He'll be on his own if he has any problems with it.