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Topic: Www.jestkidding.com
Message: Posted by: Ethan the emazing (Apr 6, 2008 12:23PM)
You can find some gospel magic books, effects, juggling, and more at http://jestkidding.com

Its run by Sheldon Rhodes, who I met at an FCM convention. He showed me how to juggle and I saw him lecture on gospel magic, and then I bought a few of his books. If your looking for some fun, new and old, magic you should definetly check out his books.
Message: Posted by: Ethan the emazing (Apr 11, 2008 10:32PM)
I just saw Sheldon today, hes got some more awesome stuff on the way.
Message: Posted by: Rickfcm (Apr 23, 2008 05:17AM)
Saw Sheldon yesterday. What an amazing humble man. If anyone has any programs needed done, I know he has openings this summer. Call him.
Message: Posted by: Ethan the emazing (Apr 23, 2008 02:06PM)
On 2008-04-23 06:17, Rickfcm wrote:
Saw Sheldon yesterday. What an amazing humble man. If anyone has any programs needed done, I know he has openings this summer. Call him.

That he is.
Message: Posted by: paulmagic (Apr 23, 2008 05:21PM)
And I must add too my accolades. I had the privilege of meeting him some years back when he came to Malaysia to helop run an FCM conference. Really nice person and very helpful.

I am glad we have been able to keep in touch via his ministry mailing list and the occassional personal e-mail.
Message: Posted by: Rickfcm (May 3, 2008 05:25PM)
Sheldon's new project is a cartoon video called, "God's Family". You can see the first part of it done at his website, "http://jestkidding.com/" It is a high quality cartoon with the message of the gospel. I suggest everyone go to his sight and see it. I believe it will be a powerful witness tool on the web for children when it is done. I know he wants to have it translated into other languages and add more. Kids today will love it.
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Jul 31, 2008 07:23PM)
If you'd like to see Sheldon Rhodes juggle, go to http://www.ChristianMagician.org. Click on the word "Videos", then click on Show #1 of More Than Magic! Sheldon kicked of our series for cable access as being our first performer! Sheldon I believe is also on Show #2 as well doing his "lying" rope trick. Sheldon is a great guy, a real trouper, and quality Gospel magician. His web site is loaded with great products and books or booklets that he has written on a variety of magic, juggling, and puppetry topics. His latest project is to try to place well known Gospel magic books on his web site to be available for immediate download.
Message: Posted by: Rickfcm (Jul 31, 2008 08:02PM)
Sheldon has been putting up lecture notes for sale from Gospel performers. He has a good variety and is adding more.
Message: Posted by: thomasbmikkelsen (Aug 2, 2008 03:45PM)
Is there anyone who has actually read the e-books on http://www.jestkidding.com? Many of them are interesting, but I would like to read some reviews (or see the table of contests) before I pay for a download.
Best whishes
Thomas B. Mikkelsen
Message: Posted by: Rickfcm (Aug 2, 2008 05:30PM)
I think if you contact Sheldon or the authors they can give you the info you want.
Message: Posted by: thomasbmikkelsen (Aug 3, 2008 10:40AM)
I decided to take a change, so I downloaded three books:
"Simple Magic With a Major Impact" by Hoby Tayler (includes 8 effects plus a booking form. The first trick is GREAT "a silk in the bottle" effect, which I will highly recommend).
"Gospel Magic in Minutes vol. 1" by Sheldon (includes five easy gospel magic effects based on well-known principles. This is a great resource for the beginner in gospel magic. Focus is on the message).
"Some of my best" by Edward F. Jarvis (this is a lecture note which includes 12 simple effects. It's fine book if you are looking for inspiration and unfinished ideas).
Message: Posted by: thomasbmikkelsen (Aug 3, 2008 11:23AM)
I have just downloaded one more book: "The Christmas Story" by Mike Gulish. The effects are great and it's great example on how you can make a smoothly presentation flow.