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Topic: Need Help: Sick Dove?
Message: Posted by: Signature (Apr 14, 2008 04:36AM)
Hi Guys,

I am back to the Café and the first thread I have to start is a sad one -.-
My original plan was to do a nice hello I am back post with a lot of pictures from
my doves,... -> Anyway thanks to the very helpful members of this board that gave
me info about doves before I got em.
I have been keeping doves for half a year now (the time between information and getting them was about a year long).

Anyway so here is my problem, I have been practicing with the doves as usual, but the
one that likes to fly a big round thru the hall and then return to me landed on a shelf instead of returning to me (he usually prefers to return to me and all other objects are igrnoed). When I reached him and picked him up I noticed something.
There is a red, round object (looks like it would be under the flesh) a few milimeters above his vent and I don't have any ideas what it is or how I can help him
(in case he needs help). I hope it's nothing critical because I love my birds so much,
but you never know -.-
I also noticed a few fethers missing (all the other doves are fine tho)

Here is a few pictures

What also worries me is that the bird behaves like normal and if it wouldnt have
descided to not return to me during training I wouldnt have noticed it -.-

Any ideas/suggestions/...
(while I am waiting for some help, I am gonna call a few vets in my area and see
if they know anything about doves -.-)

- I seperated the "sick" bird
- I also cleaned both cages now and changed the water and food to be fresh
Message: Posted by: magic mike (Apr 14, 2008 09:55PM)
Hi Raven of the Night,

I have never seen anything like the "sore" that appeared on your dove in the photos you provided. I think you should definitely take the dove to see a Vet. However, you should know in advance that a Vet. is rather expensive, at least here in the USA.

Please let us know how things turn out. I can tell by the way you write that you care very much for your doves.

Good luck,

Message: Posted by: Signature (Apr 16, 2008 07:50PM)

this is still driving me crazy and I have problems sleeping at nights,
not knowing if this dove will still be sitting in the cage the next day -.-

after calling over 40 (i am not shure if it was 41 or 42)
vets that told me they don't know anything about doves
or they see doves as "flying rats",.. I descided to also call the friend I got
them from. but he has no idea anyway.
Finally I reached a guy called toni reisner who runs a magic shop here in austria.
he also told me has never seen anything like that on a dove, but he told me
something I had not thought about at that point.

now I am following his suggestion to keep watching the dove if its behaviour changes. And the only reason why I have still hope is that the animal still
acts the same way it did before that thing was there.

I am still open for suggestions/knowlege/.... - anything that could help me.

so long....
Message: Posted by: EdwardHilsum (Apr 17, 2008 05:28AM)
You may have already done this, but have you tried any avian vets. They would be able to help much more than just ordinary vets.

Best wishes for the dove (and you!)

All the best,

Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Apr 17, 2008 05:45AM)
Ed is correct, regular vets are not trained to care for birds of any kind. You need to look for a vet that specializes in avian and exotic animals.

It's difficult to tell from the photo's but is this a sore that is leaky or just a red sore? I see something yellow around the area? What is that?

While you are lookng for a vet (and you need to find one soon) you can try to put some neosporin on it. That will protect it from infection and may start a healing process.
Message: Posted by: Signature (Apr 17, 2008 08:03AM)
Yeah I tried already a few avian vets, but like I said they don't care for doves,
they are more about more "exotic" birds,... -.-

I started calling all pet shops I could find and at the very end of the list
I got help from one of the pet shop owners, we will take the dove tomorrow to a
university where they train vets how to cure birds
so my hope is that they will figure out whats wrong with the dove =)

I'll post a few details after I have been there tomorrow =)

so long
Message: Posted by: 1906Alpha1906 (Apr 17, 2008 11:18AM)
Signature, also try http://www.dovepage.com (the message forum)

They are dedicated to doves, and have a help forum that you will normally get a very fast response on. Post the links that you have done here, and a dove breeder or specialist will get back with you pretty quickly.
Just don't mention that you are a Dove magician (not that they are not fond of us, they just don't care too much for it, but they also don't understand that there is no harm to the birds for show puposes).

Hope that helps some.