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Topic: Bob Sheets stack is out
Message: Posted by: immr1drfl (Apr 21, 2008 01:32AM)

I seen Whit Haydn use this device and even though you can't trust him ( Preforming ) and I was looking, it got past me with Bob Sheets stack!!!
Message: Posted by: silverking (Apr 21, 2008 12:45PM)
To adapt an old gaff like the chip-shell directly to the 3 shell game in order to make the pea dance just a little bit more than it already does shows just what an amazing thinker Bob Sheets is when it comes to the shell game.

Combined with his older suggestion to use poker chips to control the specs, it's really an large contribution he's made to the advancement of the game as an entertaining con.

Needless to say, combining his "poker chip control" methods with the new chip shell gives the reason for for the poker chips (and shell) to be on the table in the first place......a small point, but an important one IMHO.
Message: Posted by: Steven Conner (Jun 23, 2008 09:33AM)
Is there a video of either of them performing using the stack?
Message: Posted by: silverking (Jun 23, 2008 11:20AM)
No, but perhaps it might show up on Part 2 of the School for Scoundrels DVD on the topic of the shell game, as this new DVD will apparently focus on using two peas in your routine.......something the Sheet Stack will excel at.

That DVD should be out in a month or so.

The Sheet Stack is a great example of taking an old gambling item (the chip shell) and adapting it for something altogether different, but still used to get something "in" and/or "out" of a game.....or in this case, your 3-shell routine as opposed to a game.

The Sheet Stack is a piece of brilliant thinking.
Message: Posted by: DStachowiak (Jul 23, 2008 07:01PM)
The new SFS Shell game DVD "The Scoundrels Touch-Advanced Shells Technique - Volume 2" is now listed on their web site, just waiting to fit it into my budget.
Message: Posted by: Undone (Jul 24, 2008 07:00AM)
I’ve been waiting for this to be released. I found it listed in their “New Products” section, but there is no “Add To Cart” button for it yet.
Message: Posted by: Leeman (Sep 11, 2008 02:38PM)
I saw a lecture a couple of years back with Sheets using the stack along with magnetic peas and a fake cigar with a magnet in the end. It was pretty impressive all the little things that can be accomplished when you are creative.
Message: Posted by: Kristian Skovbo (Jul 5, 2011 03:41AM)
Have Bob published his routine with the Sheets stack?
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Jul 5, 2011 10:53AM)
Not that I'm aware of. It didn't show up on the SfS vol 2 unless it was just mentioned in passing. Anyone who wants to use a two pea system would find it easy to come up with uses for this as a "right under their noses" hiding place for a second pea. Just move the stack out the way and you end up clean.