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Topic: Looking for a light weight table
Message: Posted by: mcvicarthetrickster (Apr 29, 2008 07:33PM)
I do universities and have to fly a lot. I have a lefler table and a ATA case for it and the rest of my props go in my other suit case. Every flight I'm over weight and it cost and extra hundred everytime I go do a show. Flying to 30 shows a year this really adds up. I'm looking for something light weight like a small case on a pole stand, real similar to what I saw Jeff Hobson using. Does anyone know where to get something like this.
Message: Posted by: Hansel (Apr 29, 2008 07:40PM)
Do you think put everything what you have in the lefler table in a small suitcase? Anyhow the good magician Kimmo recommend to me this place where there have very good briefcases, Maybe you found one good for you,
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Apr 30, 2008 02:16PM)
Viking makes a very small tripod, that comes with a flange, that can be attached to a small case. The tripod folds small enough to fit in the case, too. I'd use a piece of plywood inside the case to allow you attach the flange, as well as to reinforce the case.

Another option, that is less likely to draw TSA suspicion, is to use a tray stand or keyboard stand to put the case on. That way, you wouldn't have to modify the case. You could simply attach a small table top to a Viking base, too.
Message: Posted by: mmreed (May 2, 2008 04:04PM)
Check out the Eureka Table base. Search the Café on Eureka, a few people here have bought them and seem to really like them.
Message: Posted by: Magicalpro (May 7, 2008 05:26PM)
Check out http://www.Instand.com extremely lightweight, sturdy and compact, will fit in a briefcase, even with the table top in there, the tops have a meterial made to keep things from slipping off, you will notice they make these for laptop computers.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (May 7, 2008 06:20PM)
What do you need the table for? I use a very small and lightweight magician's table which is a harbin style. I just got a second one just in case. there are very few remaining, unfortunately but it fits right inside my Vaultz case.

there's a photo on my homepage.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (May 7, 2008 06:25PM)
Magicalpro (the post just above mine) has a table for sale on this page...

Looks sort of like what I'm talking about. And he's from Sacramento like me so he can't be all bad.
Message: Posted by: Dustin Baker (May 7, 2008 09:48PM)
They still make those Frank. They're about $100 at hocus-pocus.com
Message: Posted by: mcvicarthetrickster (May 7, 2008 11:26PM)
I have a Lefler Table that I've used for years in b-day parties and other local shows. Now I need something smaller and lighter that won't clutter the stage and that will be easy to travel with. I have a few things that I steal from inside the table top. The Eureka looks like it might work, I'm just wondering how light it is and how high can it be extended.
Message: Posted by: Magicalpro (May 8, 2008 12:04PM)
Thank you Frank.

The Harbin Table on my site is the original marketed one from Supreme Magic, it is different than any others, in a few points.

Yes, There are still people making them today, most notably there are ones that are from India. Though there are some fine products coming from India, there version of the Harbin Table is not.

The Harbin tables are never going to be too stable, they can't be, it's an engineering thing in the style, but they were never meant to be stable, they were meant to be an "Appearing Table", and hold lightweight props.

The Eureka Table base is Stable and strong, if that is your needs, it is a bit heavy though, and when collapsed down, it is not very compact, it weighs 3 lbs 10 ozs without table top, and is 26.5 inches long, so it is not going to fit in a lot of boxes or a briefcase for prtability. it extends up to 53 inches high, but loses some of it's stability. It has a Chrome plated base, that gives it a prettier appearance on stage.

The Instand I refer to above, weighs 1 lb 10 ounces, and the table top weighs less than 1 pound. Tabble base collapses to 18.25 inches, so it will fit in some briefcases. It is MORE stable than the Eureka, even though it is lighter, because it is made from aircarft aluminum. It extends to a height of 45 inches.
It uses a different style of flange that the threads do not strip like the Eureka table base flange collar does. At it's extended height it has more stability than the Eureka. The table top on the instand is set size of 13" by 11", it is flat, also manufactured from aircraft aluminum. The table base is a flat black paint, but does not seem to scratch, at least mine has not in the 3 years I been using it. it cost a bit more
Message: Posted by: Magicalpro (May 8, 2008 12:10PM)
I forgot to point out the Instand table base, lays across the top shelf in the Lefler case, perfectly, I mean you are not having to lay it diagonally across there, so that it takes up so much room.
Message: Posted by: jslefler (May 12, 2008 09:41PM)
To whom it may concern, We make a table called the Hank Moorehouse Cube Table that fits on a Eureka Table stand. The table is 13' X 13 X 13" and it opens from the top or the back or both. Making the table great for Magicians or Ventriloquists with soft sculpture puppets. We have a new table stand comming out in about a week that is all black and the fitting on the is permanent not glued on like the Eureka Table Stand. It will sell for about the same price as the Eureka. The HMCT also fits on the InStand, which we also sell with or without the table top. However, it must lay in the table diagonally to fit. I have tried to include a picture of it with this response. However, if you go to our site at http://www.WeAreFun.com under Magic Catalog, then Fun-Tastic Stuff We Make you can see a larger picture. Please feel free to call me without obligation with any questions. 440-354-8749