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Topic: Bird Fights, HELP
Message: Posted by: DustinKnouse (May 8, 2008 08:14PM)

I've had a dove for a couple of years that I was training. He was my first dove, and about a month ago I purchased another dove and started training it. My old dove seems to be really agressive towards the new dove and keeps fighting with it. I was hoping it would just be a phase. Today I got a new young dove, and my old dove is fighting with both of them. When I take out my old dove, the other two get along. When I put the old one back in he starts trying to fight the other two. Finally I put my old dove in a smaller cage, inside the larger cage. The old dove is trying to get out to attack the others, but my hope is that the old dove will calm down and get use to the other doves beign around him then introduce it back to the other ones when he's accepted them being there and not being able to do anything.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on what I can do? I don't know if anyone else has been through this before.

Message: Posted by: 1906Alpha1906 (May 8, 2008 08:52PM)
The best thing to do is to take them all out of the cage, clean the cage extensively, and then introduce all three at the same time. If, by chance, you have two males or even three, you will have to separate them anyhow, or get a very large cage. Male doves a very territorial. hope this helps some.

Message: Posted by: Kyle^Ravin (May 8, 2008 10:16PM)
Hello Thomas!! Long time Bro...the KRd2K is excellent and always gets gasps.
Dustin, thomas is right, you could have 2 if not 3 males. Also, I think your first dove is used to being solitary and is very teritorial. I've got a male that's jus like that and I got a cage from a pet store that has in built dividers. Its a long one and the dividers are part of the cage. From afar, it does not look like they're seperated but they are. Any bird supplies store should have it. all the best!
Message: Posted by: 1906Alpha1906 (May 9, 2008 07:54AM)
Hey Kyle! Glad to hear you are doing well, and that your KRD2K is getting great reactions! Been quite busy here with the relocation and trying to get the shop set back up. I hate moving!

Good point Kyle, cage dividers are good too. Make sure you have a large enough cage for them. What I used to do is that I had the males separated into two cages, but places a 2 x 4 sheet of wood between the cages. They could hear each other but couldn't see each other. Stopped the aggressive behavior (pecking, bowing, etc...)
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (May 28, 2008 04:39AM)
I ran into the same problems a few times myself. I did what Thomas did, put the doves in two seperate cages side by side. But I let them see each other while the cages are side by side. In a couple of weeks when they began to know each other, I open the cage doors so one can enter the other's cage. If they begin to fight again, I would close the doors again. Within a month they will feel comfortable with each other.