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Topic: Stewart James File for mentalists
Message: Posted by: crossroader (Mar 3, 2002 03:57PM)
Any suggestions for the James File?Does it
contain only card effects or mentalism stuff
Message: Posted by: Allen Gittelson (Mar 5, 2002 01:03PM)

The James File as well as Stewart James: The First 50 years are a collection of the creations of Stewart James as well as others who created things based on ideas, writtings, comments, etc. of Stewart's.

There are ideas for a number of areas of conjuring: mentalism, cards, close-up, stage, parlour, rope, numerology, and more. I would say there are a great deal of effects and ideas with cards, but there are quite a few other items as well. Stewart was very creative and prolific.

If you want to get an idea of some of the types of things that you would see in The James File, you could look at other places where you can find some of Stewart James' writting. An easy place to look is The Jinx. There are many examples there. That's where I first learned of his contributions.

In thoughts,
Message: Posted by: Paul (Mar 5, 2002 04:40PM)
Mostly but not all card stuff. Many of the effects are of a mental or coincidence nature.