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Topic: Busking DVD - Can't remember the name!
Message: Posted by: mark1991 (May 27, 2008 08:59AM)
Hi there,

I saw a busking DVD come out a few years ago here in the UK.

I don't remember much about it except that it may have been a 2 disk set and featured the guy on the DVD teaching his busking routine for the cups and balls at the end.

Anybody know the name? If I hear it, I know I'll remember but it was a long time ago, and only now am I in real need of it!

Many thanks

Message: Posted by: kid iowa (May 27, 2008 09:00AM)
Crowdpuller by Peter Wardell
Message: Posted by: mark1991 (May 27, 2008 09:06AM)
Hi there,

That's the one! I knew I'd kick myself once I'd heard it!

Thanks for your help - I really appreciate it!

Anybody got any views on this DVD (now we know it's name)?

Many thanks

Message: Posted by: FunTimeAl (May 27, 2008 09:06AM)

Third one down.

Good DVD.

...(dunno why I started talking like a caveman all of the sudden)...
Message: Posted by: fireperformer911 (May 27, 2008 09:09AM)

Its a great DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do a search here on Magic Café it has a lot of threads.