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Topic: Jimmy talksalot pouch
Message: Posted by: jimmy talksalot (May 27, 2008 02:33PM)
Hey y'all frank at ambitious card has put together a design of mine for a pouch.

the pouch is designed for surrounded parlor/street manipulation that gives full access to your pants pockets.

I used to make them myself, but frank makes them out of quality leather material and he's fixin to put them on the market soon.

all the other pouches I've experimented with in the past were designed for table acts and were built low on the waist. they were also heavy and bulky for the type of work I had to do especially in the summer heat. I looked for a smaller lighter pouch designed for stand up manips, but I could never find one that would allow enough mobility and deception.

my pouch works well with a jacket or vest because it's a little higher up and allows a lot more tricks that the others I have tryed are not capable of.

of course on the flip side my pouch can be used at a table but it lacks some of the benifits of the other pouches.

I'm gonna try and put together a promo so y'all can see what i'am talking about.
Message: Posted by: ttorres (May 27, 2008 04:20PM)

Looking forward to it seeing the promo. I just checked out Frank's site to see your pouches but could not find them. Do you have the link?


Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (May 27, 2008 04:30PM)
There's no link yet. As soon as I get some photos I'll get a link out there and come back and let you know it's available.
Message: Posted by: ttorres (May 27, 2008 04:39PM)

I will keep and eye on this thread.


Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jun 5, 2008 03:55PM)
The final prototype should be done today... or so I'm told.
Message: Posted by: Robin Z (Jun 5, 2008 04:21PM)
Wow, I can't wait to see it.
Message: Posted by: Robin Z (Jun 6, 2008 12:58AM)
Is there any estimate on price yet?
Message: Posted by: Mind_Magic (Jun 7, 2008 07:07AM)
Can We see some pictures in advance?
Message: Posted by: Sir T (Jun 14, 2008 03:54AM)
I have one of Frank's pouches and I love the hell out of it!! Takes a beatin', lots of room! Good person to order from, Great service, I look forward to seeing jimmy's pouch! Love jimmy's book!! GET it
Message: Posted by: takeachance (Jun 14, 2008 05:33AM)
Its been 10 days since it was supposed to be finished, any news?
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jun 15, 2008 05:32PM)
Yep. it's done but I didn't get to take photos yet. The first batch has also been ordered. I should know everything soon. I'll try to have photos up asap.
Sorry for the delay. I was in Vegas at LVMI for several days..
Message: Posted by: cenafreak0709 (Jun 16, 2008 01:52PM)
Do you know the price Frank?
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jun 16, 2008 02:54PM)
The pouches will be $125.
I am going to try to get some photos up today.
The pouches are very nice, comfortable, accessible, and a great idea.

Pix coming next. Later today. Check back.

Message: Posted by: cenafreak0709 (Jun 17, 2008 07:40PM)
Still no pics Frank?
Message: Posted by: Mind_Magic (Jun 19, 2008 06:50PM)
Also could be good to know the difference between Jimmy's pouch and the others you are listing in the ambitious card.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jun 19, 2008 07:34PM)
Finally we have pix and the item is now available. Sorry for the delay.

Differences? This one is lighter weight, allows the pants pockets to be more accessible, designed to stay open, apron-like laces (like the cellini pouch). It's a very nice comfortable pouch. Feels good on. Not good. Great!

There will be a flat pocket toward the body like our other pouches.

Jimmy had a great idea. I'm honored he came to us to do it.
There are more pix in the "gallery" for that item too.

Any other questions, let me know.
Consider them available. The batch should be done Monday and ready for shipment in the middle of the week.
Message: Posted by: cenafreak0709 (Jun 20, 2008 12:21AM)
It looks great Frank! Which one would you recommend for a beginner- The Jimmytalksalot pouch or the street pouch?
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jun 20, 2008 12:55AM)
I think you need to look at what you want to do in your show and decide. You know jimmy's style. His pouch is designed to enable those moves and tricks. They're both lightweight and comfortable. Jimmy's allows easier pocket access and works better if you're wearing a jacket.
Message: Posted by: cenafreak0709 (Jun 20, 2008 01:11AM)
HMMM........, My show is basically a mini circle show. I want a pouch that makes it easy to hold : ropes, coins a TT, silks, a deck of cards, and sometimes cups and balls lemons( when I don't wanna be like Jimmy :)) THe Jimmytalksalot pouch seems right.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jun 23, 2008 12:44AM)
Yes, that does seem right.
I'm throwing in some extras into the first batch.
Just like I did with the first batch of buskers pouches.
So, not only will you get the pouch but you'll get some nice props to go with it that can be used for a great sidewalk show.

Message: Posted by: cenafreak0709 (Jun 23, 2008 01:32AM)
Can you tell us what they are Frank? Or do want to keep it a secret? And does anyone else know who this is:


And since I am a nerd like that what pouches do you think he uses? I can't tell exactly but the back pouch looks like a street pouch and the fromt looks like the buskers pouch. Meh, we are all nerds aren't we! :) (I hope that doesn't offend anyone.) Thanks,
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jun 23, 2008 06:36PM)
Here's what I'll tell you:
Items for the sidewalk performer...
I'm thinking of adding a loop ball, and 2 videos. they contain a very cool cards accross and a very cool mentalism routine A great 3 ball routine as well as other great routines will be included. I'm not tipping which videos they are. You'll know when you get the pouch. No need for a table for any of this stuff. They use multiple spectators. Lots of room for comedy.

I'm also considering adding a stiff rope, or a professor's nightmare set, and either a rope DVD or a rope book.

I'm also going to add a list of routines that I think are GREAT for building a crowd and easy to do. No table necessary for any of it.

So, purchasers of the first pouch will get not only a great pouch but videos and great routines to use with it.
Message: Posted by: Paddy (Jun 23, 2008 08:14PM)
Ahhh NUTS Frank, that talked me into it. I just bought one of these pouches from you. Send the DVD instead of book.

Message: Posted by: takeachance (Jun 23, 2008 09:30PM)
How much is shipping to Australia Frank
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jun 24, 2008 12:00AM)
Shipping to australia? I charge $20 extra for any overseas shipping. it will get added automatically when you click the "overseas" box. how much will it really cost? more like $29. I eat the extra. you can check it out on youtube :)

The theme with this pouch and act is "no table required". Not necessary but that's what I have in mind when I'm selecting the extras for this one.
Message: Posted by: cenafreak0709 (Jun 24, 2008 01:45AM)
Pretty Cool Frank. But can it hold 4 small oranges and a coconut? I hate how I start out at spending 80 bucks but then going "I should get the extra pockets" so then It's 100 bucks. Then I go " well the JImmytalksalot pouch is just 25 bucks more, let's get that. Then I say "well the poachers pouch is 25 more bucks." So I don't know what I want, but Thanks for having Low Prices!
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jun 24, 2008 03:03AM)
A coconut and 4 oranges/baseballs.
Yep. No problem.
Message: Posted by: cenafreak0709 (Jun 24, 2008 03:36AM)
Ah, sweet

My mind is made up
Message: Posted by: Joe Howard (Jun 24, 2008 06:55AM)
Well I'm a sucker for pouches ( and free stuff) . I just bought one. I think I have all of Frank's pouches. The quality is outstanding, and he's a great guy to deal with.

Joe H
Message: Posted by: cenafreak0709 (Jun 24, 2008 02:51PM)
Can it also be used as a back pouch? Because I am making plans to buy the Buskers pouch and use the jimmy pouch as a back pouch,(when I start makin MILLIONS!!!!!!!!) :)
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jun 24, 2008 03:48PM)
Yep. that will work very well. I, too, am planning that same thing.
Message: Posted by: cenafreak0709 (Jun 24, 2008 05:02PM)
The making millions part too???
Message: Posted by: Hawkan (Jul 17, 2008 10:01AM)
I got mine today. Not being an expert at all, I must say it looks and feels really good, excellent quality. After playing around with it for two hours at home, it seems very functional for what I do. I am eager to explore its full potential.

And thanks for the great extra stuff, even the fake po**...

Message: Posted by: G.Gilbert (Jan 26, 2009 12:20PM)
Hey guys, any more reviews on this great pouch?
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jan 26, 2009 11:53PM)
I use the pouch a lot with billiard ball work and if I'm doing smaller shows.
You could use it for any size show. I've used it for the cups and balls as well.

It's also very comfortable for longer stays at the pitch. Since it has laces, it's easy to move it around the body for different reasons. I like that too.

Any questions, let me know.