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Topic: My Trip To Slim And Krista's
Message: Posted by: magicforumfan (Mar 25, 2003 04:03AM)
Hello I'm Kevin. Before I ever thought to write a post here, I thought I would have to at least have known something. So who did I contact but Slim and Krista. Boy, did I learn something when I went over to Slim and Kristaís in California. But first, I'll give you a very quick history. It'll make you appreciate the story more.

I barely passed high school (not bad grades, well you could say that and too much socializing). Since the type of things I enjoyed weren't academic. I went to the Art Institute of Seattle, spent a year there (I didn't want to spend 12-14 hours a day in a studio and spend thousands in college). Well, my dad and a little by me, is paying that and still am going but a different college.

I was fickle about what I wanted to do, like most teens, but now Iím 20 and needed to get serious in life. I just spent over $10,000 in college, dropped out, and just needed something to stick with and magic interested me during that time.

Now this is not a sob story at all, I was not lost looking for hope or anything of that ilk, just needed something that interested me, and hopefully do it for a living.

Now I contacted Slim off and on for about a month to about a month and a half, since I had seen the website. I didn't know Slim trained people until I found out about Frank's story. I don't know him at all, but it was a nice story on how he went there. He also gave me a little more confidence since he lives in Washington State. I donít know, just feels better when someone from your own state does something. (You can go to search and type in Retching and Gagging). But before 2 days ago I was clueless.

I read on how to do the effects but never did them. Once again, don't do them without a professional by your side.

He was a friend with the man that invented Buffalo Wings. Well you know that the man has lived a life and his stories are better explained out of his mouth and is a living chimney (I didn't mind but I never talked to him without a cigarette in his mouth and a coffee glued to his hands) and Krista. Well she's British (LOL) and a nice one at that.

But I wanted to learn this art and I took a trip on a bus and traveled to El Cajon a 29-hour trip, and learned Blockhead, Mind Flossing, Fire Eating. Still working on sword swallowing, and plenty of other things, that like Frank's story, I didn't know I learned that much until I came home, and looked at my notes, and I will start practicing tomorrow, since I'm so *** Tired!

(See like all Arnold movies I have to get the title in the story,) But I was surprised that they treated me with respect like family. As Slim said, I wasn't a guest, but this man and Krista were so nice to me and I couldn't have had a better teacher, and after keeping cool since I asked him so many questions that Iím sure he got annoyed.

But all I have to say is a million and thank you. And also I still want to learn a lot more stunts after I get these down after, a few months of practice in my backyard. I remembered saying a joke to him about being and learning with Slim it's Like me being juiced in. Iím kidding, Since most in this business know who he is, but anybody that's anybody in this business has posted here or at least looked at the Magic Cafť, so I thank you also and the people just curious.

Thanks for your time everybody.

Best, Kevin

P.S. go to Slimís Sideshow Discussion Page!