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Topic: Where to Perform?
Message: Posted by: Josh W. (Jun 1, 2008 02:32PM)
I've been doing magic tricks for my family and friends for a while and want to go into street magic. The only problem is that I live in a small town where hardly anyone walks out on the streets. I thought about performing in a mall or some place like that, but I don't want to get into trouble for making a large crowd and be forced to leave. Where should I perform?
Please help.
Message: Posted by: Poveglia (Jun 1, 2008 02:36PM)
Malls are good....if your not trying to sell stuff it isn't really soliciting.

Also, if you are old enough...bars are one of the idea places for me. Everyone is having a good time and I have, on many occasions, performed for "big shots" who wanted to hire me afterwards.
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Jun 1, 2008 05:57PM)
You might try some suggestions from the Café's "The tricks are on me!" section.

Take your magic off the street and do some volunteer work. Hone your craft.
Message: Posted by: MagiCol (Jun 1, 2008 06:17PM)
Hi, Josh. Welcome to psoting on the Magic Café. There's stacks of advice in the various forums/threads. It's great that you feel confident to get out into the public. Do make sure you can put the magic across without slip-ups - you'll destroy the magic for people if you reveal the method, and you will let down other magicians. Have a program of about maximum six tricks, and remember that your role is to entertain so you need to have interesting patter to accompany or explain why you are doing each trick. A mall is private property and you need permission from someone in charge, so ask there to find about performing. Most towns have council rules and regulations about performing on public streets so get to the lcoal office and read and ask about those. It's a nuisance, in a way, because entertaining on the streets would be nice to be "just do it", but shopkeepers and the like can get upset from how it affects their businesses. When you do know what the rules are for performing on the streets then find a place suitable for a small gathering without blocking access/passers by. There must be some in your town. Of course, as you know, you need the foot traffic as well! In a small town you can only run for so long before the locals have "seen it all before" and you will need to move on: either to perform in different towns, or change your group of tricks so it's a new show. All the best, MagiCol.
Message: Posted by: SoCalPro (Jun 1, 2008 11:35PM)
He's 12. I'm not so sure he should be doing any type of street magic.
Message: Posted by: Barry Donovan (Jun 9, 2008 04:40PM)
If your confident just do it for small groups

if you get a masive crowd your confidence will go and you'll get the shakes
Message: Posted by: whitjm5 (Jun 9, 2008 08:44PM)
Find a cul-de-sac. Wait there. If someone goes in & turns around - you've got 'em!!!

That's tongue in cheek and a tribute to comedian Demetri Martin. :)
Message: Posted by: Darth Ewok (Jun 10, 2008 03:10AM)
I agree with SoCalPro. a 12 year old doing street magic can be really unsafe. you never can be sure of the people out there and even in a small town bad things can happen

however one thing I did (and still do sometimes) is perform magic at a local park. mostly families there and a few tricks can go down well. a parent or guardian should always be nearby tho

I work night shift at a gas station part time and I do tricks for custimers whenever I'm there. people sometimes come in just to see me and ask the others when I'll be working.

you just have to know the area. my town dosent even have a mall. I'm probibly the only magician in town
Message: Posted by: Josh W. (Jun 10, 2008 07:30AM)
You're probably right. I shouldn't be doing street magic in the first place. This thread may help others who have the same problem, though.
Message: Posted by: chicagoharry (Jun 10, 2008 11:23AM)
How about a talent show at school?