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Topic: A good gag?
Message: Posted by: TonyMc (Jun 12, 2008 03:54AM)
Here's a gag I wrote some time ago, but never did anything with it. If you can use it - help yourself.

My dad used to work in the reptile house at the zoo and got bitten on the backside by a venomous snake. His assistant shouted "Has anyone got an antidote?" Dad said "Get me a doctor, this is no time for funny stories!"

Cheers Tony
Message: Posted by: Larry Bean (Jun 12, 2008 09:05AM)
LOL. That's good.
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Jun 12, 2008 09:19AM)
Nice pun!

You could probably shorten the presentation. It's a bit Bob Monkhouse.
Message: Posted by: Magic Enhancer (Jun 12, 2008 09:31AM)
He said Monkhouse.....
Message: Posted by: magicoftomh (Jun 13, 2008 12:36AM)
I had a good gag once.

I was choking on stage.

I tried to find someone to help as fast as my feet could carry me.