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Topic: What are some good street magic tricks?
Message: Posted by: Veneficus Cruor (Jun 14, 2008 03:49PM)
I really would like to know some good street magic tricks, I don't want you to reveal them, just tell me the name and what they do =D
Message: Posted by: puggo (Jun 17, 2008 11:34AM)
Hi Matt,
Just my opinion, but in my experience, some of the best stuff is highly visual, and not to long. How about:
'Recapped' routine using bic pen - greg wilson.
Money routines e.g. Hundy 500 / Extreme burn etc - changing paper to money or a bill switch (there's a new Noblezada money DVD which has a lot of not to hard to perform visual stuff)
Sponge routine or sponge napkins - various / greg wilson
Coin in bottle etc.
Why not check out some of the promo videos on the magic dealers web sites (links on the Café) as a lot will depend on the kind of stuff you like performing, and skill level. I sometimes check out tricks on youtube etc. as it often shows 'less practiced' performances, which can really change your view of a trick!
Good luck
Message: Posted by: Veneficus Cruor (Jun 17, 2008 03:09PM)
Okay, thanks, this was very helpful =D