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Topic: Three Ropes and a Baby demo
Message: Posted by: MTaylor2002 (Mar 30, 2003 12:28AM)
Does anyone know where I can download a demo of "Three Ropes and a Baby"? There is a demo at magicsmith.com, but it doesn't appear to be downloadable. I have to stay online to view it (I don't know how to download it to my hard drive). I'm working on the routine now, and it would be great if I had a demo I could watch whenever I wanted. I know Richard Sanders has the routine on one of his recent videos, but I'm hoping there's a demo-only version somewhere on the web. Does anyone know?
Message: Posted by: dlhoyt (Apr 5, 2003 12:46PM)
After you play the demo on your computer, look in a folder named "Temporary Internet Files" for a file named: "threeropesandababy.mov".
(This is assuming you have a PC; I don't know where to look on a Mac. Also— with different versions of Windows, the location of the demo file may be different).
Message: Posted by: MTaylor2002 (Apr 12, 2003 12:24PM)
Hi dlhoyt:

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I've tried this and I still need to be connected to the Internet in order to view it. Am I doing something wrong? If you know how to save and retrieve these demos for off-line viewing, I think a lot of people would be interested.

Thanks for any further ideas!
Message: Posted by: Bobcape (Apr 12, 2003 01:33PM)
You are probably copying just the shortcut. Try this. Click on the demo to play it and while it is playing, go to Start, Find, Files or Folders and enter threeropes. Click Find Now and examine the files that it found, look at the file sizes. Find the one with the correct name and size and copy it to your hard drive. This will work.
Message: Posted by: MTaylor2002 (Apr 12, 2003 09:06PM)

Eureka! That was it -- exactly what I needed to do. I can't get over what an amazing resource the Magic Café community is. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Bobcape (Apr 13, 2003 11:59AM)
Glad it worked.
Message: Posted by: Kaliix (Apr 13, 2003 03:52PM)
An even easier method to saving the video demos you see online is to right click on the link and select "Save Target As..." This will save the video clip to your hard drive in any folder you choose.
Message: Posted by: dlhoyt (Apr 22, 2003 06:57PM)
This is always worth trying, but it doesn't always work. Some sites do not allow you to directly save the target. With those you have to find the file after it has been downloaded to its temp location.