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Topic: Losander Needs Our Help!
Message: Posted by: Davidicus (Jun 27, 2008 01:03PM)
I just got off the phone with Losander, and with his permission I share the following:

Our little baby "Ione" was born 6 days ago. Today we found out she needs a heart operation and our insurance is not going to pay for it. I am not writing you this to beg for money but if you need to buy something from my website now would be the time to help us out. Every Dollar counts and we really need all the support we can find right now! So if you feel like supporting this cause, go to my website and find your self some great magic and make this operation happen for us.


Even if you are a non magician, we just came out with a new dvd "Las Vegas Greatest Magicians" teaches you easy to learn magic you can find it right here or if you just want to donate some money for us please send it via pay pal to losander@mac.com or just keep us in your prayers.
Thank you so much for your support.
Dirk Losander
Message: Posted by: kardillusions (Jun 27, 2008 02:45PM)
Here's a way to help:

I work at The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop in Calgary, Canada, and we've had a staff meeting. We've agreed to donate 1% of all total sales during the month of July to Losander and his family.

We'd also like to challenge other magic shops and online magic dealers to at least match this, in an effort to fundraise and help them through this difficult time.

Any questions, call us at (403) 230 0810, or email BRENT (store owner) at brent@vanishingrabbit.com


Message: Posted by: Amyxdove (Jun 27, 2008 04:03PM)
Hey Everyone!

Dan Sperry and I are wanting to do the same. I am offering in the next 24 hrs. that 100% of the money from these products Doves 101 DVD, Bare Handed Production,
Ultra Quick release Dove holder, Pro Dove pocket, Pro Wire, & the streamers. Let's help get his daughter better!

Andy Amyx

Message: Posted by: sperris (Jun 27, 2008 07:06PM)
Yes andy and I are also contributing as losander and his family are close friends of ours...go to:

http://www.anti-conjuror.com and 100% of the provits from these items will go to losander:

DDT series Vol 1: Technical Tosses DVD

Ultimate Dove Loop Holder

Stealth Invisible Harness

Black Bag Dove Pocket

dove leg bands

deja vu lecture notes

Only for next 24 hours so please go there now!
Message: Posted by: Paul Gross (Jun 30, 2008 02:02PM)
We just put up a special donation section for Ione Losander, and the responses have been extremely overwhelming! I am truly humbled by the graciousness and generosity within the magic community, and on behalf of the Losander family, I thank you.

If you would like to donate, 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Losander family:


If you can afford more, please make note on your online checkout process. If you can afford less, please make a note on your online checkout process as well.

Thank you all in advance for any support big or small that you can provide.
Message: Posted by: jrbobik (Jun 30, 2008 03:04PM)
Thank you Paul,

I made a donation. I wish I could do more!

My wife and I are keeping good thoughts for Ione
Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Jul 2, 2008 09:40AM)
Here is the latest email from Losander. I think everyone within the magic community deserves a HUGE pat on the back for coming together in this time of need. You proved what magic is really about! Now, let's keep that support going. Even though the surgery is done, the bills have taken on a life of their own.


Dear Friends,

Once again we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers and good wishes and generous contributions to our baby girl Ione. Thanks to all of you and the entire magic community as a whole, we were able to expediantly get her surgery on Monday. She came through it great and the procedure was, as far as they can see, a success! We have her home today and she is doing very well.

We had an excellent surgical team and the Doctor was first rate and everyone was so kind and helpful. It was an amazingly positive experience. I think all our energies combined may have had something to do with that! Now what's next is a series of follow ups and constant monitoring to ensure that the heart continues to function correctly and nothing else developes as she grows. It was great that we were able to do this as quickly as we did as there was a tremendous amount of pressure on her heart and it could of given out without notice, at least now she is not at risk of sudden death.

The costs are considerable and with no hope of getting her coverage now or in the future due to a pre existing condition, the medical expenses will continue for a while but we are optimistic and with friends like you, I know we will be OK. You can go to the website http://www.helpione.com for updates and new photos whenever you like.

We love you all!
In Gratitude,
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Jul 2, 2008 10:19AM)
This may seem silly but but maybe someone on the Café is used to doing medical insurance policies and could find a loophole that might cover this child.

I suspect that Dirk and Luna are like many of us self employed people that only have the minimum coverage. But if someone knows someone that might be able to check this out for them, it would be great.

As someone suggested for the combined convention, a raffle could be held for one of Losander's table. Say $5 a ticket. That would be a great deal for the winner and would sure help out the Losander's. Maybe have it signed by magician's there would add to the value.

Just a thought. I am not sure of the IBM/SAM rules. I believe that dealers are not allowed to conduct raffles.

Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (Jul 3, 2008 02:07PM)
I spoke briefly with Losander this morning while putting in an order.

The baby is doing very well, but there’s a long road ahead.
He and Luna are so pleased with the prayers and support.

My two-cents, though someone mentioned 10K being raised,
with today’s health-care and hospital costs that is a drop in the bucket,

Their child will no doubt need lifelong care, and is now “uninsurable”.
Please support Dirk and Luna anyway you are able.

Message: Posted by: Moonmagick (Jul 3, 2008 10:25PM)
Thank you, Walt and Everyone here for your support and concern. You have all been so "Golden"! My little girl, it seems has come into this world with her own magic by bringing us all together like this and I feel so proud to be part of this wonderful world and community of magic. Losander and I just don't have enough words to express how we feel but we love you all! You are all amazing!
In Love & Gratitude,

Luna Shimada
Message: Posted by: MichaelSibbernsen (Jul 6, 2008 02:34PM)
An offer from Starr Video Productions and Carlyle Enterprises...

Make a $20 (min) PayPal donation direct to losander@mac.com , then forward me the receipt along with your mailing address to msibbern@cox.net , and I will send you a brand new Carlyle Touch mentalism DVD. I will cover all postage & handling expenses. Offer good between July 6 and July 31.

Stay Strong Ione!

Michael Sibbernsen
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Jul 18, 2008 04:11PM)
Yesterday I received an e-mail update from Losander, and Ione is doing well. The regular doctor visits are very expensive, but at least things seem to have settled down a bit.

Please continue to remember them in your prayers.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Aug 23, 2008 01:16AM)
I saw Losander after his show in Las Vegas Wednesday and I had a minute to speak to him afterwards. He said Ione is doing better and he seemed very heartfelt of the support he has received from everyone.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Sep 2, 2008 10:37AM)
Good. I am happy to hear everything is better.
Message: Posted by: critter (Sep 3, 2008 06:10PM)
Oh, I can't imagine. I will go to his site right away.