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Topic: Building a DVD Library
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Mar 31, 2003 12:35AM)
I realize that this is very subjective, but I wanted some input. I have recently taken on the task of updating my video library with DVDs. Since DVD is a great format for instruction (easy access menus, etc.) and the discs won't degrade over time, my library is something I'd like to someday pass onto my son who at 8 may be a better magician than me!

To that end, what do you think are the 'essential' sets to have in any well-rounded library? I love all close-up magic and am looking for sets that are destined to become classics.

Here are my picks...what else should I consider?

Ammar "Easy to Master Card Miracles"
Malone "On the Loose"
Daryl "Encyclopedia of Card Sleights"
Daryl "Ambitious Card"
Roth "Coin Magic Made Easy" (Volume 1-3 will be released by the end of April)
Sankey "Best of Sankey"

I also have a pretty good book library so for this post I'm really only interested in DVDs.

Thanks in advance for your input!
Message: Posted by: 1908 (Mar 31, 2003 07:11AM)
Do you want to become your son? :)
I am building a dvd library,too.Except the above there are a lot of other "must have" dvds but the above you write are really essential.
Message: Posted by: shomemagic (Mar 31, 2003 11:44AM)
David Regal vol 1,2,3
Black Envelope
Daryl Encyclopedia Of Sleights all 8 volumes
Message: Posted by: Bobcape (Mar 31, 2003 12:58PM)
I really like Malone's "On The Loose" DVD set. I also like Paul Green's "In The Trenches" and Roth's "Ultimate Coin Magic Collection" DVD's.
Message: Posted by: Ian Richards (Mar 31, 2003 02:06PM)
Johnny Thompson's "Commercial Classics of Magic" has just been released on DVD. For those of you who dislike reading, this series is the closest video equivalent to the book "Stars Of Magic".
Message: Posted by: Dave Egleston (Mar 31, 2003 04:32PM)
Well Bill,

You know my answer -- I never thought "Classic" and "Magic video" would ever be used in the same sentence.

Though I can't speak from first hand experience - I doubt the Ammar series will ever be more than a good video - The only classic I can think of is: REVELATIONS -- I heard it's coming out on DVD in the near future. Of course the Skinner series is very good - but I only think that's because I miss him. Maybe the three set series with Ed Marlo would be worth getting on DVD if it comes out in that format.

Message: Posted by: gandolf (Mar 31, 2003 04:44PM)
Believe it or not, your list tallies exactly with the list I am attempting to put together. I don't have them all, but am slowly amassing the list you have. My only addition would be a set on flourishes.

I picked up Jeff Mc Bride's first DVD, but am not sure if I would call it a classic. I mostly wanted it (believe it or not) to learn how to do a better thumb fan. To be brutally honest, I don't think Jeff did a great job in instructing this move. He presents most of the other flourishes/moves very well, I just feel his fan instruction is weak. So, I am still looking for a DVD which presents a good instruction in fanning. Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: Rich Fredeking (Mar 31, 2003 05:41PM)
Here is a Picture of My Dvd's. I am only 14 but perform alot and every Penney I make goes into books, vids, dvds, and a few tricks every now and then. :wavey: :dance: :dance: :dance:

So here it is.

• Magic of David Reagal (3 volumes)
• Daryls Card Revelations (Volumes 1-5)
• Zarrow Shuffle
• Very Best of Jay Sankey (3 Volumes)
• Watch Stealing
• Michael Close In Review
• Outside The Box
• Total Destruction (3 Volumes)
• Daryl Does the Full Monte
• Gregory Wilsons Hundy 500
• Paul Green In The Trenches
• Daryl’s Fooler Doolers (2 Volumes)
• McBride Manipulation (3 Volumes)
• McBride on Stage Magic (3 Volumes)
• Ted Lesly (2 Volumes)
• The Legend
• The Cardician
• PyroTechnic Pastboards
• Sankey Secret Files (2 Volumes)
• Richard Sanders Slow Burn
• Magic With Rubberbands (3 Volumes)
• The Phoenix

And a few that are not listed
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Mar 31, 2003 07:46PM)
Rich, thanks for the input but you just listed what you own - not what you believe to be 'classics' or must haves.

Which ones do you think should be in every good magic library?
Message: Posted by: saturnin (Mar 31, 2003 08:51PM)
HI Bill,

You might (should!!!) get hold of the 3 new Gary Ouellet DVDs from LLpub, they are great!!!

I learned most of my magic from Gary and Guy Camirand (from the Camirand Academy) and I really like his thinking, and not to forget that he was a real class-act and a gentleman!

There are some excellent routines on this serie! Not to forget some very good sleights too!!! Have a look at their content.

My 2 cents

Ronnie Lemieux
Message: Posted by: Winston Smith (Mar 31, 2003 09:06PM)
Stay away from videos and DVDs until you have a well established performing persona of your own.

Rich, I'm going to follow you around until you correct that darned quote of yours (and attribute it)!

-- ws
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Mar 31, 2003 09:37PM)
Winston - not interested in a debate over the value of videos or DVDs. Please read the original post. Thanks! ;)
Message: Posted by: Winston Smith (Mar 31, 2003 09:51PM)
The post wasn't directed towards you.

Not interested in being told what to post and what not to post. Thanks! ;)

-- ws
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Mar 31, 2003 09:55PM)
We're all friends here. Didn't mean to tell you what to post (I don't think I did that.)

If the post wasn't directed toward my original question, please be so kind as to clarify your comments so that we can all follow your thinking. This ensures that the post stays on-topic and is coherent.

Thanks! ;)
Message: Posted by: mjb16 (Mar 31, 2003 10:23PM)
As mentioned above...

The magic of David Regal. Lot's of great stuff on those dvd's. I love to watch them for just his performance sets sometimes. He really interacts and captures the audience! Not to mention his effects are great too!

Cheers! :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: HiraseMagic (Apr 1, 2003 04:19AM)
Just want to add Max Maven's DVD set and Greg Wilson's "on the spot". They are "must items" in my library and also yours.

Hirase :magicrabbit:
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Apr 1, 2003 04:25AM)
For coins, I think Roth's series and Michael Rubinstein is a good bet.
Message: Posted by: scottlurowist (Apr 1, 2003 09:32AM)
William wrote:

Roth "Coin Magic Made Easy" (Volume 1-3 will be released by the end of April)

William, this is great news. Where did you hear this ? I have the Roth Ultimate Coin Collection, and would love to have these first three volumes as well.



If for no other reason than the novelty of it, I would suggest Jay Sankey's "45". I really like this DVD. I suffer from clinical depression, and I can watch this just to get in a better mood. I really believe that this breaks new ground.

As for classics, I'll go with Bill Malone, and I'd add Ammar's IT Miracles. It's arguably the most complete one stop source for IT info.

Message: Posted by: mysticz (Apr 1, 2003 09:54AM)
Harry Lorayne's 10-volume set of DVDs is a video compilation of his great contribution to the the craft of card magic. IMO, it is an important complement to Lorayne's essential library of innovative and practical commercial card magic.

Joe Z.
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Apr 1, 2003 11:53AM)
I recently got Cellinis:
"The Art of Street Performing"
Vol 1 from Hokus Pokus, California.
Do you want to perform on the streets?
Buy this DVD!
Great picture and good sound quality!
I found many useful tips on how to do it on the streets. The amazed little boy in the intro makes it clear why magic is wonderful.
These instructions will take you out on the streets ... if you make a lot of cash send 10% to me! By the way, there is no tricks explained! Great information for new street performers!

Magic Show
The Hat
The Close

56 minutes long.

Cellini about street magic:
"It could change your life forever...it did mine!"
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Apr 1, 2003 02:14PM)
On 2003-04-01 10:32, scottlurowist wrote:
William wrote:

Roth "Coin Magic Made Easy" (Volume 1-3 will be released by the end of April)

William, this is great news. Where did you hear this ? I have the Roth Ultimate Coin Collection, and would love to have these first three volumes as well.



I spoke with Mike from A-1 a few days ago and he confirmed the release within a month! Can't wait!
Message: Posted by: Rich Fredeking (Apr 1, 2003 04:36PM)
The Must Haves for me are all the sankey stuff. Its practical and very effective.
Message: Posted by: marko (Apr 1, 2003 05:11PM)
The series by Maven, Ammar, Daryl and Doc Eason are the only ones that really come to mind. There are several other good ones, but I've still yet to see any video/DVDs aside from those that are really worthy of classic status. Magic on video/DVD format is constantly evolving however, and I can see someone, at some point, making a series that truly stands out along with some of the greatest magic literature as a classic. Who am I talking about? Yup, you guessed it - Michael JACKSON!
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Apr 2, 2003 12:31AM)
Does anyone know if the Doc Eason tapes are going to be converted to DVD anytime soon? I don't even know who owns the rights to the series.