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Topic: My weird and funny stories from magic performances....
Message: Posted by: C.W.G. (Jul 12, 2008 08:03AM)
Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd post these stories in the hope of hearing some similar ones (especially to the last one). These are just little things that always make me laugh when I think back.

The first story is this, I used to work in a hospital a few years back as a porter/care assistant, and all the staff knew I did magic and would tell any patients that were interested, and often off the back of that, I would be called somewhere just to "do a trick" for someone even though I could be up the walls busy.

So one day I was called down to these three old guys to perform, I did some card/coin tricks and a bit of mentalism with the cards as well (I think Out Of This World was one of the effects...) I noticed that one guy in particular, was STUNNED by what I was doing. So anyway, I shook hands with the guys and went on my merry way.

Few days later I had brought in some IT to work and was sitting in a hall way while on a break, just messing with the floating bill effect... And along came the guy who was stunned by my effects the other day (I should point out that I don't think I'm anything special as a magician... well not back then at least). He had seen me do the floating the bill, and was now even more impressed because I wasn't performing it for anyone, he must have thought I do this all the time!

He asked me to follow him, that it was very important. I did, and he led me to the hospital church, he walked up to the alter, got down on his knees and asked me to put my hands on his head to heal him!!! At this I tried to say "listen man, it was just magic, it's not real" but he was having none of it... And begged me to do it, and in that instant I had an idea, maybe I could give the guy a placebo effect? After all he wouldn't accept my telling him that magic is just sleight of hand.

So I used an old massage technique of rubbing my hands together to create the "ball" between them, when I felt this was strong enough I passed it over his head and he said he could "feel the energy"....

After that he thanked me, got up and left, I never seen him again.... Thank God!

Story two (short one), I was one night duty in the same hospital and was walking the halls at around 3am when I saw one of the regular patients coming toward me, he was elderly enough also and was a great laugh. He was heading for the toilet.

As he came toward me I said "hey watch this" and did the Balducci leviation (just for kicks). He stopped dead and looked at me for a few seconds before saying "f#!k this s@1t" and then turned around and headed back to his bed in a bit of a hurry.

Of course I went after him but again , he was having none of it.

Last story (and this one I'd really be interested to see if anyone else has had the same type of experience)...

I was booked to do a show for the launch of the last Harry Potter book in a small enough bookshop in town, the gig was only a half hour. Thinking the gig was so short, I wrote out a small enough set list and brought the appropriate props. No worries, didn't even think I'd get through all those effects.

So anyway, I was behind the counter and the shop was packed out onto the streets, there was a stairs directly across from the counter I was performing at and that too was packed.

Anyway I got into the gig and was enjoying it so much that I ran out of effects.... Half way through. OK I said to myself, not to panic. But then I realised that I couldn't even do card effects because the crowd was right up to the counter and anyone a few rows back wouldn't see them.

Then out of nowhere I had an idea (dont ask me why or how this happened), I said to the crowd "ok who wants to help with my next trick?"... Not knowing myself what I was about to do... And this teenager on the stairs was the first to put up his hand, so I said to him (and again I don't know what the hell I was doing) "ok just think of any card in the deck" and when he did I just said "your thinking of the 5 of clubs aren't you?"..... He nearly fainted, he was stunned, and the crowd gave me the biggest round of applause of the whole night, I bluffed my way through the rest of the gig but that was the moment I could never figure out how it happened. He wasn't just agreeing with me, this guy was bloody shocked (not as much as I was I can tell you). More than likely it was sheer coincidence, but what a time for it to happen eh?

Anyone else had one of these "coincidences"?