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Topic: Games for Xbox
Message: Posted by: hockey (Apr 1, 2003 08:32PM)
WHat games for xbox do you really enjoy and would highly recommend?
Message: Posted by: mjb16 (Apr 8, 2003 07:58PM)
Splinter Cell
Mech Assault
Any sports game is usually good...

Message: Posted by: Rich Fredeking (Apr 8, 2003 08:27PM)
Halo, Halo, Halo.
Message: Posted by: Magicusa (Apr 13, 2003 03:51PM)
I love Splinter Cell.
Message: Posted by: Arashi (Apr 14, 2003 07:12PM)
Definitely Halo, DOA 3, and Obi-Wan.

I am just waiting for them to come up with a good street magician video game like Tony Hawk except they could call it David Blaine Pro Magician or something. And you could go through and learn all kinds of sleights, only use camera angles and the pass. Throw in a few levitations and it's magic.
Message: Posted by: smudgedj (Apr 15, 2003 06:04AM)
Got to be Splinter Cell
Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Apr 16, 2003 10:46AM)
Splinter Cell all the way!
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Apr 16, 2003 01:50PM)
I'd say trade in for a PS2. lol

Xbox-Halo, and Splinter Cell.
Message: Posted by: Arellion (Apr 17, 2003 04:24PM)
Halo, Phantom Crash, FIFA 2003, Splinter Cell, Moto GP, DOA3, Jet Set Radio Future, Max Payne, Dead to Rights.