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Topic: Football Helmet
Message: Posted by: ldl1017 (Jul 16, 2008 08:43PM)
Hi Balloon twisters,
I have been hired to do magic and balloon twisting for a major football teams family fun day. I would like to incorporate some simple football related twists into the day. I was thinking of a balloon helmet. Does anyone have a source for a helmet or do they have instructions they would like to share?
Message: Posted by: docbarnes (Jul 21, 2008 10:20PM)
T-mayer has the Balloon Magic books and #9 Good Sport has a great helment, but it requires weaving.

I went to a MN Vikings game and made Buster's viking hats and had a blast.

I would figure out what teams they like and use the colors of the team or the animal mascot.

How do you make a steeler?
Message: Posted by: JesterMan (Aug 16, 2008 02:11AM)
You didn't say when you need it by... Is it too late?
Message: Posted by: Bad to the Balloon (Aug 16, 2008 06:12AM)
I make a 3 balloon football hat PM for details....
Message: Posted by: ldl1017 (Aug 27, 2008 08:02AM)
Hi Mark,
I PM'd you.
Message: Posted by: Bad to the Balloon (Aug 29, 2008 10:26AM)
Hi All,

Got a little busy flying to Vegas and the fashions shows I did recently. Here is the Quick Football helmet:

also check out my newly revamped website. Couple of little glitches but I am working it out.