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Topic: Flip Video Camera- Adding Video To A Website
Message: Posted by: todd75 (Jul 17, 2008 11:53AM)
I recently bought a Flip Video camera for capturing parts of my show and client testimonials. The problem I have is that it only seems to work with YouTube, etc. I don't want YouTube vidoes on my site. Is there an easy site that anyone knows of that will worl well with the Flip Video camera???
Message: Posted by: MAGICBYTIM (Jul 17, 2008 01:05PM)
I put videos on my sonís blog at blogspot.com from my flip. I would think any site that can host a video would do this. The video is an mpeg if I remember correctly.
Message: Posted by: SoCalPro (Jul 20, 2008 08:33AM)

How is the vid quality of your Flip? Can you take still pics as well?
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jul 22, 2008 12:17AM)
If you visit their website I beleive it is http://www.theflip.com there is supposedly a way that you can get your video on dvd but theres hardly any stores supporting the flip most stores I've seen are just selling the flip. if you want a few accessories for the flip try amazon.com or k-mart these are the only places ive seen that have them. another thing I don't like is its not ac powered just dc.