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Topic: My magicweek article
Message: Posted by: Elliott Hodges (Jul 20, 2008 08:41AM)
Hello all.

I had an article posted on magicweek last week.
currently second article down in the appropriate section called "simplicity in magic."

Go and have a read.
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Jul 27, 2008 04:17PM)
When was the last time that you had a spectator come up to you after a show and has said I bet that trick with the aces even fools magicians?

That's a good line LOL
Interesting read that makes the age-old point that magic exists in the mind of the spectator. Even the most simplest of tricks in the eyes of a magician is a potential miracle in the eyes of the spectator. But magicians get bored with simple...

My only complaint? Was not long enough! LOL
I love that sort of stuff, thanks for sharing.

Message: Posted by: Elliott Hodges (Jul 28, 2008 09:27AM)
Thanks James.
you are the third person who's said it's not long enough.
I think I have enough to write a part two......
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Jul 28, 2008 10:22PM)
That would be great Elliott.
I look forward to reading it when it's ready...