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Topic: Super Forums - Is this useful?
Message: Posted by: m.ruetz (Jul 29, 2008 12:40PM)
Let me know if this is something useful or not, I think I'll use it but not sure about others:

Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Jul 29, 2008 01:47PM)
It's funny, I had that site bookmarked but never noticed that particular page.
I like the idea of multiple subjects spanning multiple forums. Apart from the Café I don't really frequent other message boards so it piques my interest. I suppose it might not be of interest to those who go to these forums on a regular basis anyway.
Thanks for posting that.

Message: Posted by: Mr. Mystoffelees (Jul 29, 2008 06:54PM)
Most of it seems to come right back here. An interesting concept, though, as long as magic enjoys its current popularity...
Message: Posted by: m.ruetz (Jul 30, 2008 03:35PM)
I added more links to more topics and yes most of them come right back to the Café, but the Café has by far the most topics of any other forum.
Message: Posted by: Laban (Jul 31, 2008 06:00AM)
^^ Actually, although I'm also a big fan of the Caf' ,and believes it to the best of all forums, TalkMagic is also a pretty huge forum, with many topics and loads of info.

The only downside of the Caf' ,and other mega-forums (but especially the Caf' due to the fact nothing here is boring :D), is the frustrated feelings you get when you realize you could never follow everything that goes on here.