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Topic: Spongeball routine question
Message: Posted by: Danno (Apr 4, 2003 05:34PM)
I bought some spongeballs and two video tapes about spongeball routines.

I caught on pretty quick, (because I'm decent at coin sleights which are similar if not the same) So, I can do a "basic" routine.

I also bought some mini sponge balls. But neither of my videos included anything about them. This has always been my personal favorite part of any spongeball routine, when the spec opens his hand to find a handful of the little ones.

Any ideas on how to incorporate them into a routine? When do you introduce them into the routine? And more importantly, HOW?

Message: Posted by: Bill Beach (Apr 4, 2003 06:27PM)
Paul Green's DVD "In the Trenches" includes a great spongeball routine that includes the use of mini sponge balls. Since you're into coins, it also includes some great coin routines. Highly recommended!!

Bill Beach
Message: Posted by: gandolf (Apr 5, 2003 05:28AM)
Daryl has a great routine using a gentleman and lady sponge bunny called Peter Rabbit Hits the Big Time. I'm sure you can figure out where the small sponges fit into the story.
Message: Posted by: steve proescher (Apr 8, 2003 06:02AM)
Eugene Burger's Magical Voyages Part One has a SB routine using small balls.
Message: Posted by: andre combrinck (Dec 13, 2003 10:23AM)
Try Wilson's book or Carneycopia(John Carney).
Message: Posted by: dreidy (Dec 17, 2003 09:32PM)
I've got a really basic sponge ball routine. I like my opening, the middle's not bad but I really need an end. At the moment, the 4th ball appears - and that's pretty much it. Unless I suddenly get a rapturous round of applause, I'm sort of left standing there with 4 sponge balls and nowhere to go.

Any ideas on a good ending, or any other magician's routines I should look at?