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Topic: Www.magicplazza.com
Message: Posted by: chr!s (Aug 9, 2008 07:39PM)
Hi guy's, Chris Lafferty here.

This post concerns an all-new magic site dedicated to the latest news, reviews, interviews and other bits o' goodness! http://www.magicplazza.com.

Started by Jay Crowe (water to beer, freeze), and Liam Montier (wicked world, ultraviolet) it has now developed into a collaborative effort between Those chaps, Dee Christopher (Proximity effects, Deviance), Myself and a host of other guest contributors!

Thus far we have hosted exclusive interviews with Nate Kranzo, Andi Gladwin, Mike Skutt and Matthew J Dowden, and with many more to come, things are looking grand!

Our articles span over everything from performance of magic, history, technical support, theory and a wide range of other subjects. Unusually for online communities, we encourage contributions of original effects and sleights, designed to promote learning and push forward our creative drive. So far we have contributions of original colour changes, Mental effects and subtleties from Dee, the resident mentalist, and a novel take on the invisible deck.

We are also now looking forward to a special guest column from Ben Harris!

We are looking forward to great expansion of the site, spearheaded by our recent addition of a forum!

Be sure to check the site out, and if you like what you see, please register with the forum and say hi!

Thanks for your time.

Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Aug 9, 2008 08:28PM)
Excellent! Thanks for that.
Message: Posted by: chr!s (Aug 9, 2008 08:38PM)
No problem!

Nice glasses by the way!

Message: Posted by: puggo (Aug 21, 2008 02:04PM)
I'm off to check it out right now!
Message: Posted by: puggo (Aug 21, 2008 02:10PM)
I'm back... It looks good, and seems well laid out. I've added it to my shortcuts, and will check in regularly.
Message: Posted by: chr!s (Aug 25, 2008 02:45PM)
Thanks alot, Puggo!

Be sure to drop me aline if theres anything you'd like to see in a magic mag, and we'll be sure to consider every suggestion!