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Topic: First big show
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Apr 6, 2003 12:09PM)
I will try to keep this brief and I am hoping for some advice and help from those more experienced.

I am booked to do a show for a local church for their youth summer kick off program. I have 20-30 minutes to do my "show". It is to be in June so I have a couple more months to get all prepared. The C.E. director mentioned that she would prefer the effects to be gospel effects, tricks with a message.
I will just mention the effects that I plan to do and in the order I have worked out so far. I am open to suggestions at this point and feel I have time to make adjustments or changes here and there. I am also interested in any suggestions about transitioning from one effect to the next.

1) Appearing sword - Just my opening effect.

2) Gospel bill switch - with the message that God owns everything including our money.

3) Professors Nightmare - with the message that we are all made different but God loves each of us equally, etc.

4) Mis-made flag - I was thinking of doing this since it will be close to the 4th of July and as a patriotic effect. still not sure if I will include this for this show.

5) Pen thru bill - with the message that (once bill is penetrated) we are like this bill with a hole in our heart or soul that only God can fill, etc.

6) Gypsey Thread routine - kids name various sins as they are torn off and then thread is restored at the end as we repent and come to God.

7) Tricky bowling pins - these are not gaffed tubes (see http://www.houseofenchantment.com
Jay Leslie) the effect being my pin is always going in the wrong direction, not theirs, symbolizing how we end up going the wrong direction and getting ourselves upside down, so easily, etc. when we take our eyes off God.

8) Dove pan effect from Duane Lafflin utilizing pan load of spring flowers and a hat coil, message being "good news/bad news", basically a salvation message and an invitation... my closer.

I was also thinking of giving a 4 to 5 minute brief testimony, using the square to cross that I got from Dock Haley just before my last effect??

Anyways, I have this added up to about 30 minutes. Is this overkill? I am beginning to practice this as a whole to get the routine down altogether but I would appreciate any comment or suggestions.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.

Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Apr 6, 2003 05:00PM)
Glen... I will try to keep this concise and to the point. Too often "Gospel" magicians try to incorporate some message with every trick they do. For that very reason we do not consider ourselves "Gospel" magicians. We present an entertaining show to build rapport with our audience, then and only then after the audience is virtually hanging to every word we say then we present a message.

When a performer presents a message with every trick, ask yourself this... which message will they remember? ...will all the different messages get boggled up in their mind? ...will they remember any message?

Attend a Sunday morning church service and try to find a pastor that gives 7 messages like you mentioned as well as a testimony. I praise you for your heart and for your desire to go out and share the gospel. Just make sure that you leave a lasting affect on your audience. That lasting affect may very well just be a great show that ends with the youth internalizing a great message and illustration that wraps up your show.

I hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Apr 6, 2003 06:55PM)
I agree with Kevin. Whenever I do a show for a church or an evangelistic event I try to focus on one central point (ie, salvation, growing in the Christian life, etc). Keep in mind the age of your audience. I heard Duane Laflin say in a lecture about gospel magic
"what you do must be good in order for the audience to believe what you say is good".
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Apr 6, 2003 08:38PM)
Thanks for the input, Kevin. It is something to think about. What would you suggest I do?
I will tell you that the C.E. director at the chruch let me know that she wanted a gospel type of message with the effects. We discussed this specifically.

I was at this church last year and did a couple of tricks to preface the pastors sermon that Sunday on "science vs. miracles". I also did some stuff for the childrens church which the C.E. person there really liked. She told me then that next year for their program she hoped that I could be available, etc.

So that is why I have a message with each effect. I tried to make it a progression of truths in a logical order (God created us, he loves us, we have a need, we have a sin problem, He is the answer to the sin and death problem) and ending with an invitation.
Thanks again for responding, maybe you could teach me what you do??? :bigdance:

Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Apr 6, 2003 09:12PM)
Glen, My question to you would be this. Did she say she wanted a gospel type of message with the effects? ...or a gospel type of message with each and every effect? If she only requires that you set the stage with some idea then come full circle at the end then that would work with just 1 or 2 items requiring an actual message. If she wants a message with each and every effect, then I would discuss with her the things I brought up earlier.

All one would need to do is go to a Christian concert. 9 times out of ten, not every song has a strong message. God did create entertainment, so let's use it. I would once again just point out any Sunday morning message. Show that even the pastor only gives one message. I like the message you reference, I just don't think you need a trick for each of those points. Speak (no trick) on several of those points... such as God created us, or we have a need. Then use a trick to drive home the message.

Hope that helps