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Topic: Oxford by 12 inches
Message: Posted by: hkwiles (Apr 6, 2003 05:51PM)
Over here in England we have just had The Boat Race.
How many of you overseas guys (or gals) know what it is?

Sorry! No prizes for correct answer-just curious to know.

Message: Posted by: Phil Pearce (Apr 6, 2003 06:51PM)
A toy boat race between England and Scotland, held on the Firth of Forth?
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Apr 6, 2003 09:56PM)
Hmmmm lemmee see...Boat Race....I'm quessing it's a Boat Race?
(Mom didn't raise any stupid children you understand)

On a more serious note, I would have to claim ignorance as to the significance of this race. :(
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Apr 6, 2003 10:10PM)
Oxford-Cambridge sculling, I assume.
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Apr 6, 2003 10:40PM)
Okay one more try..perhaps it's a race and the winner wins a boat!!!! :rotf:

(oh did I mention my dad raised me?)
Message: Posted by: hkwiles (Apr 7, 2003 05:13AM)

You are too wise!!

Yes of course it's a Boat Race-8 man crew for the uninformed-held annually between Oxford and Cambridge Universities (supposedly our top two universities). They race four miles down the River Thames in London. So you can imagine that to win by 12 inches is about as near to a Dead Heat as you can get.

Message: Posted by: Alan Jackson (Apr 9, 2003 12:31PM)
What exactly is a super bowl?
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Apr 9, 2003 01:36PM)
Super Bowl. It's either a toilet that never gets dirty or the annual show that releases the new cool commercials. I think they play some game or other. :rotf:

(Seriously, it's the final championship of professional American football.)
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Apr 9, 2003 01:38PM)
Boat race? I would question if anyone really attaches any significance to this event in Britain. I certainly don't.
Message: Posted by: hkwiles (Apr 9, 2003 01:50PM)
Ace parties.
The significance is as an aide memoire for the Grand National !! :rotf: :rotf:

I didn't say it had any significance; judging by the replies, unless you are a student at either of these U/V's; its importance is zilch !! Back in the good old days of black/white TV and before all the commercial sports deals, there wasn't much else to look forward to!!

Howard -sad old geezer :pout: :pout:
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Apr 9, 2003 02:18PM)
Please don't think I belittle your posting Howard, as it cannot be any more banal than my last one on Dwarf Tossing! - and I too remember watching the boat race on a TV with valves in it. I just feel it is an archaic event that is of little significance, except, as you say, to those attending Oxford or Cambridge, which as we all know are a world apart from other UK Universities.
Message: Posted by: hkwiles (Apr 9, 2003 03:32PM)
No offense taken at all Aceparties, at least we've got the Eurovison Song Contest to look forward to soon. Then again, we can't even win that!

Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Apr 12, 2003 12:38PM)
Howard, I'm glad you posted this and always good to know a bit about trivia.
Now realizing what it is (apologies for the earlier humor- couldn't help take the opportunity to poke fun at myself.)
It is really amazing that the winner won by such a small margin especially in light that I assume this was the closest race ever in the history of this contest.
Thanks Howard :wavey:
Message: Posted by: hkwiles (Apr 12, 2003 02:41PM)
They did have a "Dead Heat" once, and they have had an occasion when both crews actually SANK! I know you shouldn't but it's difficult not to laugh at the thought of it.
I understand Yale and Harvard have events between the two Universities; anyone put me wise as to what they are called ?

By the way Chrystal, if you like all that trivia stuff such as:

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Howard :yippee:

By the way - I like the photo!
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Apr 12, 2003 03:03PM)
"Love Is In The Air, Everywhere I look Around" . . .
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Apr 12, 2003 08:19PM)
Thanks for all the info Howard.

PS I like your photo too ;)
Message: Posted by: hkwiles (Apr 15, 2003 02:03PM)
Hi Chrystal,

Hope the book arrived safely.
What a suprise to get your phone call -hope the phone bill hasn't "gone through the roof"

Thanks a lot for the *****

I'll PM you when the webcam is installed.

Howard ;) ;)