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Topic: School shows
Message: Posted by: Neale Bacon (Sep 3, 2008 11:11AM)
Anyone marketing vent shows to schools? What approach are you using? Educational? Fund Raiser?

I know tons of magicians doing it, but wodering about vents.
Message: Posted by: Tod Todson (Sep 3, 2008 12:29PM)
Off Topic: Neale, your new bird puppet looks grand next to you! The colors in the pic also go very well together and make your photo POP! Very nice.
Message: Posted by: Ony Carcamo (Sep 3, 2008 05:16PM)
About 80% of my kidshows are school shows (20% are birthday parties), sponsored by different companies. And I market them as educational shows, presenting different themes.

So far, no problem... everybody happy ;o)
Message: Posted by: Neale Bacon (Sep 4, 2008 09:35AM)
How do you find the corporate sponsors?