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Topic: Truss
Message: Posted by: Bradacal (Sep 10, 2008 02:40PM)
Hi guys,

Curious, I am seriously looking to acquire some truss for my show; my setup idea was this. Have two pieces of vertical truss at the back of the stage, one positioned to each side and mounting a few of my par cans on it. The truss I am looking for is the 2" diameter. Obviously I will need floor plates etc, however I am curious if anyone has any links to some affordable suppliers, American or preferably canadian and more importantly, how high do you think each piece of truss should be. The ones I was looking at here in town (which are a little expensive) are the 3 meter high ones (just under 10ft)....is that too high? I was thinking perhaps 7ft would be ideal...remember these are just two vertical uprights, there is nothing going across at the top.

Thanks for your input.
Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Sep 10, 2008 03:58PM)
We do something very similar. We use four sticks of 3M (9.84 feet) across the back in what's called Easter Island style. On top of each one is a 575 watt moving head. Inside of each one at the bottom are LED par cans used as truss warmers. We then have 2 videos screens that are between the outer sticks.

I personally would recommend 10' pieces of 12" square truss. As you mentioned you will need base plates and if you put anything on top, you should have end plates.

We happen to be dealers for Global Truss which is strong, yet economical. They assemble together with conical connectors...so no tools are required.

If box truss takes up too much room there is an alternative which would be using two sticks of I-beam truss, held together by the base plate and end plate. This would not work for horizontal truss, but would be fine for vertical truss.

Here are three pictures without the video screens attached:

Hope that helps.
Message: Posted by: Kline (Sep 11, 2008 06:55PM)
Kevin does have some GREAT advise -
Please keep in mind that truss can be VERY expensive - you might want to consider renting first to get the look and feel you really want.
10' truss is industry standard.
I produce 16 events across the country outside of the magic industry - if you need any sources for gear, please do not hesitate to email - steven@stevenkline.com

Will you be in Vegas for LDI ? I'm actually golfing with Alice Cooper this year - didn't get on his foursome but I will be playing in the tourney.

Message: Posted by: adam christopher (Sep 11, 2008 07:48PM)
LOL @ Kline, watch out for dismembered bats
Message: Posted by: adam christopher (Sep 11, 2008 07:54PM)
Kevin, love the new set up with the white back curtain, what kind've light rig are you travelling with for Fronts/Backs, I'm assuming mostly conventionals....just curious...Adam
Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Sep 12, 2008 09:27AM)
Steven..As much as I would love to be at LDI, our schedule just won't allow it.

Adam...We are touring with 90' of truss & 21' lifts. As far as lights, we are carrying source four pars & ellipsoidals, 575 watt moving heads and 3000 watt strobes.

The rig in the picture with the white back curtain color scrollers as well.

Message: Posted by: adam christopher (Sep 12, 2008 04:05PM)
Sweet, that's a nice rig!