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Topic: Help with Anchor AN1000X
Message: Posted by: dlachance (Sep 11, 2008 03:52PM)
I have recently aquired an Anchor 1000 portable unit.

I want to run voice and music on this system. Has anyone had any success with the little gem using voice and music. The voice is on the mic channel and is coming in super hot, even when I kill the level on my receiver. The music (iCue2 with direct box) is on the line in port. I can't get this loud to save my life.....

Can anybody help...thanks
Message: Posted by: Kline (Sep 11, 2008 06:49PM)
Try turnig down the squelch on your transmitter.
As far as the icue - I'm not real familiar with this but it sounds to me that you are only getting one side of a stereo mix .
I'm not too sure IF he has the solution, bu tI do know Dan Mclean JR is the guy to go to for Audio
I have 2 of these units and use them from time to time as small monitors if I need to hide them for one reason or another. The great thing about this unit is that it is small and can easily be placed inside a table for a clean look on stage.
Hope this helps a bit
Message: Posted by: dlachance (Sep 11, 2008 10:38PM)
Thanks for the info. I played some more with the set up tonight. When I go 1/8 inch from the iCue2 (or lets just say directly from my iPod) to the RCA left and right into a direct box, then out from the direct box XLR to 1/4 plug into the back of the AN1000X I get weak sound. However, if I go 1/8 inch mini plug straight into the RCA input on the back of the AN1000X I get very loud crystal clear music. The only catch is I only get one channel. Although there is a red and white RCA input on the back of the AN1000X, the red side seems to be the only input, the white side does not receive input. Is any of this making sense.

Is this just a limitation of this unit....or am I hooking something up wrong.

Message: Posted by: Rich B. (Sep 12, 2008 06:29AM)
Hi Dorian. I've been using this unit for a few years. I play my music through an Ipod and experienced the same thing. It seems as though you can't get the stereo sound...only 1 channel.

I bought an adapter that converts the red and white RCA jacks coming from my IPod to one single RCA jack...probably converts it to mono? This one jack is plugged into the RCA input on the Anchor1000x.

It solved the problem for me.

Rich B.
Message: Posted by: sethb (Sep 12, 2008 06:18PM)
I was just going to say that you can buy a stereo-to-mono patch cord at Radio Shack for about $7 that should do the trick, with any type of connectors that you need.

I run my stereo MP3 player through a mono PASO ProCast50 PA unit, using a 3-foot patch cord; it has a stereo 1/8" mini-plug on one end and a 1/4" mono phono jack on the other end. Works fine, no problems, and it coils up in the PASO carry case with the MP3 player when not in use.

I should also note that my MP3 player apparently has two output settings, "Normal" and "Loud," in addition to the regular in-play volume control. To get a good strong signal to the PASO, I use the "Loud" setting and have had good luck with that. SETH