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Topic: So.....
Message: Posted by: Eric Jones (Sep 15, 2008 09:29AM)
Any news on a new issue?
Message: Posted by: antinomy (Sep 15, 2008 03:56PM)
Issue 14 should go to print by the end of the month. I'll post more when I know for sure.

Also, the 2007 CD will DEFINITELY be completed this week and will go out for replication. Thanks to everyone for their patience on this.

Eric, looking forward to seeing you at Luka's Motor City Magic Convention in November. My goal is to have Issue 15 out by then!

Message: Posted by: Eric Jones (Sep 15, 2008 04:42PM)

I look forward to FINALLY meeting you as well!!!!!
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Sep 20, 2008 08:07PM)
Bought your magazine at Eric's suggestion. It's more than just a magazine. It doesn't shy away from getting deep at the end of some things in every issue.
Thank you for the work and thank you Eric for leading me in.
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Sep 21, 2008 12:47AM)
In my oppinion the best magic magazine there is out there today.
Every issues is a treat.
I have been a subscriber since the start and will continue to be one.
All cudos to Gene for a job most exellent done.
Message: Posted by: antinomy (Sep 22, 2008 03:10PM)
Thanks for the kind words!

Let me take this opportunity to offer a quick status on things:
The 2007 CD is actually finished and will be available for shipping within two weeks.
Issue 14 should go to print in about two weeks.