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Topic: My last four effect
Message: Posted by: jordanjohnson (Sep 17, 2008 03:27PM)
Hey guys I just thought I would drop by and let you know of my final four effects that Blacks just released. There aren't demos of any of the effects so I will give as detailed a review as I can.


DUI is a crazy combination of a torn and restored card and an anniversary waltz. You have a spectator select and sign a card. You proceed to tear it in half, keeping one half and discarding the other. You then have another spectator select and sign a card, and you do the same as with the card before. You then take both halves and restore them together, fusing the card as one. You immediately hand the card out to be examined by the spectators. No going back to the deck and the cards they signed across the face are the cards that are fused together with the same signatures. Impossible souvenier for the spectators. Here is an old demo video of me performing DUI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8ywQ0HOOXM


Here is a cool effect that can be carried with you all the time and packs a punch. You have a spectator select a card. You tear a corner off of the card and hand the spectator a sharpie to sign the corner to ensure no switches are involved. You loose their card in the deck. With whatever magical moves you choose, the card vanishes from the deck. It is nowhere to be found. You go back and retrace the steps of what you did to the card and the last thing that happened before the card vanished was that the corner was signed by the spectator. You take the sharpie that the spectator has been holding the entire time and state that it must have traveled to the sharpie. You open up the sharpie in hopes to find the card, but in opening it up all you find is the black ink cartridge. No worries you give the sharpie a shake and instantly, visually, magically, with no cover the ink cartridge vansishes and in its place in a rolled up playing card. When all is said and done the card removed from the sharpie is their card with matching corners!


This is a cool project I embarked on after being fascinated by hearing how Harry Houdini always tried to contact the dead. I came up with four effects dealing with contacting the dead and ghosts.

Touched: Touched is a cool take on the voodoo ashes theme. You have a spectator select a card and sign the name of someone who has past away that was close to them (friend, family member, ect.). You then draw a hand on the face of the selected card. You then proceed to try and contact the person that they wrote down by having them touch the spectator. You have them close their hand and you rub some ashes into yours. You ask them if they felt someone touch them. They open their hand and in their palm is a dab of ash. Okay so nothing new or exciting yet. You then state that to ensure this is real and has nothing to do with you or magic, you decide to step back and be hands off. You show their card with the hand on it and turn it face down on the table. You have them rub the ashes on their hand and when it is all gone, you have them turn over the card they signed and on the palm of the hand is a dot of ash.

Whisper: You have the spectator think of someone that has passed away that they wish they could contact just one more time. You pull out a pad of paper and scribble lines all over the paper. You state that you will attempt to have the person they are thinking of rearrange the lines to form a message to them. You fold up the paper and have the spectator hold it. You then remove a lighter and for the first time have the spectator reveal the name of the person they are thinking of by whispering the name into the lighter. You wave the lighter around the paper. When the spectator opens the paper the lines have morhped into a message to the spectator saying,Im always with you,(insert specs name here), Love, (insert thought of name of the deceased person).

Real Voodoo: This is a cool voodoo effect that was inspired by an effect by Guy Hollingsworth. There are several ways to do this effect and here is a variation that can be worked out from the method taught on the DVD. You have two spectators think of a card in the deck. You then remove a blank card and state that you will put a voodoo curse on the card. For explanations sake let's say spec 1 thought of the 6 of hearts and spec 2 thought of jack of spades. You have spectator 1 draw a 6 of hearts onto the blank voodoo card and place it face down onto the table. Now here is where the demonstration gets fun. You have spec 1 turn the voodoo card face up. You then spread through the deck and face up in the center of the deck is the six of hearts face up. You close the spread and explain that you will take this further. You have the spectator tear a corner off of the voodoo card. You respread the deck and now the face up six of hearts has a corner missing. You reclose the spread and explain you will try another test. You have the spectator burn the back of the voodoo card with a lighter. You then respread and now on the back of the six is a black burn mark, and it placed face down on the table. By now their head will be spinning. For a last test you have the second spectator cross out the 6 of hearts and in its place draw their thought of card on the voodoo card, the jack of spades. Now when spec ones card is turned over it has now changed into the jack of spades.

Premonition: The last of the effect is a premonition effect inspired by a Jay Sankey effect. You have the spectator remove a card and write any word of their choice on it, fold it up and place it in their pocket. You explain that a couple days ago you had a dream in which one word appeared really big in your dream, and when you woke up you rolled over and grabbed a card and wrote down the word you dreamed of and sealed it into an envelope and have been walking around with this envelope in your pocket just incase it could be used. You pull the envelope out of your pocket and show that it ia completely sealed and contains one card. You remove the card and it matches the card the spectator chose. Now here's the weird part, on the back of the card is the exact word the spectator wrote on their card.

And that wraps up the AfterLife DVD.

And the last DVD which is yet to be released yet is...

The Wolverine Formula
This one is my favorite one. Many people have come out with pen thru cards and dollar bills that have unexaminable bills or cards or pens. Not this one! An awesome effects named after the perfect superhero healer, Wolverine.
You have a card selected and signed. You borrow a normal pen. You push the pen through the card and have the spectator pull it all the way through. This can be done completely surrounded and the card can be shown on all sides. You have the spectator hold a corner of the card. Now with no cover you rub your thumb across the hole and it instantly heals. You lift your hand off of the card and it is immeadiatley examinable with the same signature and no switched at all and can be kept forever. This effect can be done with a dollar bill and/or a business card. Everything can be given out and kept with nothing to be found. This is the ultimate penetration effect. My personal favorite a gift to the community.

All of these effects can be found on MJM, penguinmagic, and your local magic dealer...I hope you ENJOY!!!

Message: Posted by: jordanjohnson (Sep 18, 2008 03:21PM)
I will be shooting videos of me performing the effects in front of a webcam so you will be able to see what the effects look like. I will be posting them under this thread after a film each one.

Message: Posted by: jclark (Sep 18, 2008 08:40PM)
DUI, Afterlife, & Migration have recently been released to distribution and should hit dealers anytime. Some, as noted, already have the information up as they get it directly from Murphy's; demos have already been cut so dealers can post them for you to see in addition to this write up from Jordan here. The Wolverine Formula has not yet been released, and probably will not hit the market for at least another month or so in favor of several other projects that are time sensitive. Currently, we are focused on John T. Sheet's DVD "Above Top Secret" that has some killer effects on it. It includes a crazy bill change from one, to five, to ten, to twenty, to fifty, and ending clean with a $100 bill.
Message: Posted by: jordanjohnson (Sep 18, 2008 09:18PM)
Speaking of "above top secret" this bill change is so sick and visual! You guys have to check it out. It blew me away and everyone on the Vegas strip he performed it to as well. And you end totally clean. No thumb tips!