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Topic: Jaw dropping magic
Message: Posted by: Justin McWilliams (Apr 11, 2003 11:21PM)
Ok everyone I have a little term for a certain genre of magic. It's the kind of stuff that you do where it just leaves people saying, "I must be on something." I consider things like ashes to ashes, the web, out of this world, that kind of stuff if any one else can think of other stuff like that, tell me what you consider to be that.
Message: Posted by: StreetMagicMagician (Apr 12, 2003 10:38AM)
Hmm... I don't know if this would count or not but Card-Toon is very awesome and a clever trick.
Message: Posted by: Vincenzo (Apr 14, 2003 09:21PM)
Tricks where stuff happens in the spectator's hands.
Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Apr 15, 2003 08:19AM)
I agree with Vincenzo. When you can make things happen in their hands, they love that!
Message: Posted by: Mago Mai (Apr 17, 2003 02:50AM)
What about writing a prediction on a piece of paper, then tell him that you are thinking on what you just wrote and that you will try to transmit your thoughts to him. Ask him to tell you the first word that comes to his mind. Show him the paper and see his reaction.
Mago Mai
Message: Posted by: ABlinkinn (Apr 17, 2003 11:31PM)
I get that reaction with my packet tricks. And the haunted bill. It's a great reaction. :)
Message: Posted by: denny_Corby (Apr 18, 2003 07:25PM)
Try the Invisible deck, Brainwave, Strange Voyage, which can be found in close up card magic and on the Johnny Ace Palmer tapes. That trick kills people and Dr. Daley's last trick.
Message: Posted by: Darck Ninja (Apr 19, 2003 01:07PM)
I think that the Micro-5 works that way, most people either run-away, cross themselves,or just sit there. :wow:
Message: Posted by: Great Domino (May 1, 2003 10:33AM)
I think performing Sankey's "What if?" from Secret Files #2 is a real crowd pleaser and teaser.
Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (May 1, 2003 06:29PM)
Deep Astonishment, Impression, Anniversary Waltz, Signed Card Tricks in general, all in the hands magic is mind-blowing.

Message: Posted by: _member_ (May 4, 2003 06:09AM)
Ask someone to think of someone important to them, get them to write it down, centre tear it, do some cold reading, culminatng in the revelation of the name, there are not many stronger effects I do.

The resonance and impact directly depends on how much emotion you have got them to
'invest in the name' ie, if you ask them to write down the name of somone they know or someone who is 'important to them'. :comply:
Message: Posted by: Scott Xavier (May 4, 2003 11:29AM)
Cold reading is awesome...

I'm thinking of setting up shop as a cold reader in Grant Park in Chicago! It should be fun. Now to age my tarot deck...
Message: Posted by: james_magic (May 4, 2003 11:54PM)
Anything by Paul Harris.
Message: Posted by: Fantasy Knight (May 5, 2003 07:09PM)
Well I'd say Arm Twister really gets the spectator saying your on something as well as them, lol so I think anything where you alter something of their's into a magic piece and yes if done in their hands better yet.

But if you're looking for an effect that is going to get that responce, do Bill in Tube or Pen, etc... because they will definitely think their on drugs for giving you their money in the first place!!
Message: Posted by: NJJ (May 5, 2003 10:49PM)
I think that any effect performed slowly and with great care will create that sensation in an audience.

Its great fun when it happens! :rotf:
Message: Posted by: BryanDreyfus (May 6, 2003 09:23AM)
I have to agree with nicholas... anything done well will do.

I have trouble with listing effects that "kill". What it does is create a monster. Soon, everyone will be doing that "killer" effect instead of making what they already do a "killer" effect.

Far better to post "how can we make xxx effect a killer effect".

Message: Posted by: wassabi_87 (May 11, 2003 11:57PM)
Definitely the invisible deck, well worth it.
Message: Posted by: Turk (May 12, 2003 12:28AM)
I agree with:

Impromptu Out of This World

Card Warp

Ashes in Palm

Invisible Deck

However, I'd also add:

IT, if used correctly (no bouncy-bouncy
"floating" $ bill). Especially for non-levitating movement like cutting a deck of cards, having the IT graze a spectator's arm hairs, moving a fork on the table, etc.

Message: Posted by: aranaza (May 13, 2003 10:49AM)
Deep astonishment must be worth a mention.
Leaves punters thinking WT!!!
Message: Posted by: Turk (May 13, 2003 11:21PM)
I had forgotten this effect I used to do:

About 20 years ago, Doug Henning did a Rubik's Cube effect on one of his TV specials where he twisted the cube up into a mess and then he threw it into the air, caught it and it was solved!! This was a close-up magic effect and only used one cube. No switches, No topit. Just the one cube.

Now THAT had people checking their reality.

Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (May 14, 2003 11:16AM)
Lots of good stuff listed. I will add "Creation" By Paul Harris. AOA #1.

It leaves people in awe!
Message: Posted by: kull_spider (May 14, 2003 11:40AM)
A simple transpostion using a duplicate works wonders.
Message: Posted by: kamu002 (May 14, 2003 06:19PM)
I've posted this before, but I'd have to say the Anywhere Card... Final selection pulled out of the Bicycle card case "card back" side (held with lower portion of wrapper), that a spectator was holding... People believe the card just formed from the case... :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: compulsive1 (Jun 1, 2003 02:12PM)
Tricks that happen when they can't believe it happened. Simple card Transposition by Eddie Fechter.
Jay :nose:
Message: Posted by: keven (Jun 5, 2003 01:39AM)
I think a coin that they have marked, out of their pocket, given to you and they put into a ball of string into a nest of box's is good.

Also the unbroken match is a very good trick to get them to think "What was I smoking..."
Message: Posted by: japanjazzy (Jun 5, 2003 11:53PM)
The two effects that I have gotten the biggest wow effect after doing are Invisible Deck and Twisting arm illusion. I have had people run out of the room after the invisible deck. I have others but those are two that I do on a very regular basis.
Message: Posted by: Close.Up.Dave (Jun 7, 2003 12:43PM)
Paramount by Aldo Columbini and Deep Astonishment by Paul Harris.
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jun 7, 2003 12:49PM)
I like how you guys talk about stoners like they aren't even human. DA is a good effect but it will lose their attention. Try using DA with a Card Under Box routine.

Message: Posted by: devilsmagic (Jun 8, 2003 01:56PM)
Yada, yada, yada!!! I think you guys all forgot NFW, anyone I perform this for really does say the name out loud, it leaves them astounded.

Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Jun 10, 2003 07:11AM)
Message: Posted by: kaitou (Jun 16, 2003 10:49AM)
Does NFW really get you such reactions? I may have to try it... I tend to get good
"NFW" reaction with twisting the aces, because for the last ace, I tend to bend the cards, and ask the spectator to "snap" them back to straight, and show that they just turned the ace of spades over magically.
Message: Posted by: magicpro (Jun 19, 2003 07:05PM)
Healed and Sealed can trick done right would take my vote.
Thank you and God bless
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Jun 26, 2003 08:42AM)
Years and YEARS ago, there was a beer commerical featuring John Scarne. (I can't remember the brand.) At the end of the commercial, John showed the top card of the deck, put it face down on the table and put the glass of beer on top of it. Then he showed the next card in the deck, and put it face down on top of the glass. Snap of the fingers and the cards changed places. Took me a day or two to figure out [a] way of doing the trick... took me considerably longer to figure out a way to rig a deck up so I could do that trick and not keep using the same cards! However, it [never] fails to get a 'woah, dude' from people!
Message: Posted by: ace_of_cards (Jun 26, 2003 05:05PM)
On 2003-04-17 03:50, Mago Mai wrote:
What about writing a prediction on a piece of paper, then tell him that you are thinking on what you just wrote and that you will try to transmit your thoughts to him. Ask him to tell you the first word that comes to his mind. Show him the paper and see his reaction.
Mago Mai
mai, do you have a method for this? :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: daminfell (Jul 12, 2003 12:33AM)
Reality Twister...I get crazy reactions from that one. We made our own BIC pens and it works great.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jul 16, 2003 01:35AM)
Perform the sponges on them.

Cigarette thru Quarter.

The Thought Transmitter.

The Brainwave Deck.
Message: Posted by: landmark (Jul 16, 2003 12:50PM)
xPert coin bend

Message: Posted by: wassabi_87 (Jul 18, 2003 01:31PM)
My friend has a form of Out of This World that can be done with a shuffled deck, and it's not the Hinstien shuffle.
Message: Posted by: pasteboardforbrains (Jul 23, 2003 08:11AM)
I think that levitations get the "wow" reaction.
:wow: :wow:
Message: Posted by: AragorntheMagician (Jul 29, 2003 08:09AM)
Jay Sankey's "In A Flash" always makes their jaws drop. :firedevil:
Message: Posted by: jcvelbar (Aug 5, 2003 11:51AM)
The Invisible Deck always seems to floor them. Did it for my Wife for the first time (haven't used it in years) and she was stunned.
Message: Posted by: Raymond Singson (Aug 15, 2003 10:11PM)
Smoke - Derren Brown

A deck of cards is ribbon spread along the table, so an audience member can catch a glimpse of one of its faces. This mental selection is never said out loud, and yet the magician can slowly divine the spectator's private thoughts.

To celebrate the accomplishment, the performer hands out cigars and cigarettes, as he smokes on a cig, himself. As an afterthought, he points out that the thought-of selection had vanished from the cards the moment the spectator supposedly thought of it.

As the spectator examines the deck, the magician coughs furiously-- his cigarette suddenly transforms into the spectator's rolled up selection!

LOADED - RT Showmann

This is a personal effect I came up with independently. A card is randomly chosen from the deck, and signed across its face and back. Although the ink does not smear, the magician is able to visually rub the spectator's signature from the back of the card! It is seen to have totally changed altogether, and the signed, chosen card is found within the spectator's own wallet.

Alternatively, the signed card can vanish straight off the spectator's own palm and be found in any impossible location. Can be adapted to a Torn and Restored plot as well. Signed selection appears in the spectator's wallet without any palming, pickpocketing, gimmicks, or stooges.

Message: Posted by: Threeatms (Aug 15, 2003 11:19PM)
I can't believe this thread is still going strong. Does that say something about magicians?

As far as reactions go, anything IN their hands seems to get a great WTF response!
Message: Posted by: mattpuglisi (Sep 2, 2003 01:00PM)
On 2003-08-16 00:19, Threeatms wrote:
I can't believe this thread is still going strong. Does that say something about magicians?

:smoke: What were we talking about? :smoke:

:hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
Message: Posted by: Robert P. (Sep 6, 2003 12:04AM)
On 2003-06-10 08:11, magicgeorge wrote:

Message: Posted by: sara mccarvell (Oct 4, 2003 05:47PM)
I smoked a joint, a real joint (but didn't inhale) using Fearsons floating cig hook up

So this is what it looked like, I put the joint in my mouth and sparked it up then put it on my hands and the joint levitated and was floating then did the routine and flew through a hooped forum by my hands, then everyone just totally freaked out when the joint floated up into my mouth and I passed it for examination and for their personall use .

The reactions I got, made me feel like a devil :firedevil:

If you don't have it, you should get it for sure, I bought it at $20, now the price is only $5, or you can win the trick at my website contest page
Message: Posted by: markis (Oct 10, 2003 10:31AM)
Good effect Sara. Did you follow it up with vaishing a bad of Doritos?
Message: Posted by: Mike Walton (Nov 6, 2003 06:01PM)
Someone mentioned an Out of this World with a shuffled deck, which may be the effect that has truly freaked out my specators.

It's Galaxy by Paul Harris. You (or the spectator if he/she can do it well) can shuffle the deck and the deck is in their hands the entire time...in their mind.

I've had people tell me they've felt very uncomfortable and numb after that trick as they couldn't comprehend how it could happen.

Many others tricks, I think, will get a jaw to drop if it's presented correctly. Galaxy, on the other hand, creates the jaw dropping effect, plus adds a strong dose of uncomfortable freak out.

Oh, the joy of creating irrationality.
Message: Posted by: T (Nov 13, 2003 09:44PM)
Agreed, galaxy is truly an amazing effect.

THREE :hamburger:
Message: Posted by: Bad-Boy (Jan 28, 2004 07:39AM)
MY fav so far are:

- Coinbite (unreal)
- The Raven
- The Switch
- Ambitious card

Will try ashes to palm. As far as predictions go, will freak people out. :)
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 30, 2004 11:09PM)
On 2003-05-14 00:21, Turk wrote:
I had forgotten this effect I used to do:

About 20 years ago, Doug Henning did a Rubik's Cube effect on one of his TV specials where he twisted the cube up into a mess and then he threw it into the air, caught it and it was solved!! This was a close-up magic effect and only used one cube. No switches, No topit. Just the one cube.

Now THAT had people checking their reality.

[/quote]The effect you are talking about is called "Enchanted Cube," and is still available through Hank Lee's.

I saw the Doug Henning T.V. special years ago, too (gadzooks! We're revealing our age here!) Anyways, I remember when he tossed it up they accented the moment with a little light chimes sound, and it was perfect. Then when it came down, he caught casually caught it with one hand, and smiled that beautiful Henning smile.

The moment was pure magic for me, and lives in my memory as one of the most magical things he has ever done. I can still close my eyes and see it.

Anyways, I purchased the trick from Hank, and have spent years perfecting that "simple" trick.

It is simple, and yet to do it with confidence has really taken a chunk out of my life. It's a paradox, to be sure.

I sometimes use this effect as an opener in my show. It's simple and beautiful.
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Feb 11, 2004 08:33PM)
Cups and Ball done well is mind blowing, or a chop cup done on the palm of somones hand say on a drinking matt.
Message: Posted by: roya (Mar 10, 2004 04:30PM)
Paperclipped by Jay Sankey is great.
People who see my magic all the time just freaked out.
Message: Posted by: Scott Chesney (Mar 20, 2004 08:53AM)
NFW when it works.


I also get the most consistently startled reaction from Bill in the Lemon when done properly. I use the old Berland method of loading and it has never failed me and never been discovered.

Message: Posted by: Jhonsky (Mar 22, 2004 04:36AM)
Stuff with Ash pen would be a great one. I did it one time to a friend of mine. She tripped out and started thinking that I was in an secret underground heavy stuff. lol :P
Message: Posted by: prospero (Apr 3, 2004 01:24AM)
Vernon Fan Force coupled with card to wallet.

--Greg Arce's Scorch/Equivoque (Yeah, I just learned it, but the reactions are GREAT!)

--Card discovery (indifferent card to chosen card in spec's hand--tpchnge)

--Vernon Fan Force with incredible discovery (hot shot cut...?)

--Card to wallet (signed or not, doesn't matter, same reaction)

--Any complete coin vanish FOLLOWED BY a reproduction
Message: Posted by: Joseph Martin (Apr 10, 2004 02:22PM)
Pyro Perception
Invisible Deck
Message: Posted by: Tetkom4 (Apr 11, 2004 06:13AM)
I find that the mulitplying foam bunnies get a suprsing reaction from people. Guys or girls, no matter what gender, go wild over it. And i....simply can't believe it. I would think something like I dunno, levitations and stuff like that would make people go wild. But $2.99 bunnies!! Good Stuff
Message: Posted by: cajuninms (Apr 11, 2004 09:56AM)
If you have the bill Malone on the loose dvd's
his favorite opener is a killer
Message: Posted by: ChrisS (Apr 13, 2004 12:30PM)
Slow Burn definitely makes people sit up and take notice...
Message: Posted by: rannie (Apr 13, 2004 12:57PM)
Out of this world
my ambitious card routine
gemini twins

these are my sure bets

Message: Posted by: cardman1990 (Apr 25, 2004 04:57PM)
Truly Invisible is amazing if it works