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Topic: Tricks that retain a memorised stack?
Message: Posted by: Slimfrinky (Apr 12, 2003 07:55AM)
Hey there, I'm working on a routine and I know for a fact that I want to end with J.C. Wagners Super Closer. I mean why not, that's gotta be the greatest darn effect ever...

However, I want to have several tricks after I do the deck switch for time misdirection... I was thinking about doing a four ace routine, but right in the begining of the Closer there's a production of the four aces... And Triumph is out because I do a version I invented earlier which flows into my gambling routine...

So to make a long story short, anyone know of any card effects that are strong and don't disrupt the order of the deck?

Any help would be appreciated...

Message: Posted by: Mike Powers (Apr 12, 2003 08:32AM)
Weighing the cards.
Any card at any number.
An excellent one from Simon's new book is "The Invisible Card."
The spelling stuff.
In the the new book, Simon shows how to do a couple of gambling items which keep the deck in order.

Message: Posted by: Saqib16 (Apr 12, 2003 01:39PM)
I simply like letting them cut the deck and look at their card... and glimpse the other one... read their mind etc
Weighing cards ain't a bad idea...tell them that the card case is a weigher etc...
Message: Posted by: Slimfrinky (Apr 13, 2003 01:52AM)
Hey Mike, which Simon is that? I'm interested in the book you are talking about...

And I don't think I'll do the weighing cards bit... It's always seemed to be a slow effect that's just not interesting at all... But I like your mentalism idea Saqib... The deck switch I'm doing is part of a mentalism routine so I'd be a logical flow though... And I'm also thinking about using Ambitious 1234 from Card College... Anyone ever try that effect? If so please tell me what you thought of it...

Message: Posted by: Paul Sherman (Apr 13, 2003 01:57AM)
Simon Aronson
Message: Posted by: Stefan S. (Apr 13, 2003 02:19AM)
Hi there!

Well if you want to use the aces again, you could leave them on the table and do a version of twisting the aces? in the meantime you switch the deck for your memodeck, without aces of course!

Than you can go into Henry Christ's Christ aces, which is quite a complex routine but leaves your stack intack except for one card! So all you have to do is put the aces back in the deck of course where they belong in the stack an cull that one card back in place and you are set!

Now you can do whatever memoeffects you want! :)


Message: Posted by: Slimfrinky (Apr 13, 2003 04:06AM)
Well here's my routine that I've got so far, just so you know what's going on... I open with spectator cuts the aces, leave those on the table to pick up later, (the ultimate card control... I don't know why, but it works every time) and then go into an extended cards to pocket routine.

After that I'm going into a extensive gambling demo which involves another prodution of the aces which I cleverly controled by leaving them in plain sight (jk)... and then into the Pschic Pickpocket routine by Terry LaGuard(sp?) Right after that I go into my mentalism with cards thing, after which the deck is switched...

Now here's my problem. Everything I've done up to this point at least, has the effect of needing great skill, and I don't want to throw off the flow of the program (Spectator shows gambling skill by cutting the aces, Performer demonstrates how gamblers steal cards from the deck and puts them in the pocket, Performer demostrates gambling skill, Performer devines thought of card and steals it undetected from spectators pocket, Performer demostrates ESP abilitys).

Everything flows logicaly so far, but now I just want a trick or two to pad the time between the deck switch and the final closer... So far doing that is the only hard part about making this program!!! ARRRGGGG!!!

Oh, and I almost forget about performance conditions... The audience are all adults in a bar setting with seating all the way around to my extreme left and right sides... So there are some angle issues to deal with, things like palming and the like are not going to be the best option... (And no, my cards to pocket routine does not use palming)

I also don't want to use the Aces because they've been produced twice already and they are about to be used again in the Super Closer... I know, I'm probely being to picky... Although I do like the idea of the Christ Ace routine... I'll file that away for future use...
So... Any ideas?
Message: Posted by: Denis Behr (Apr 13, 2003 04:11AM)
Most suggestions here deal with an actual memorized stack. I am not sure about the question since it seems to me that Mike only wants to preserve the set-up for JC Wagner's Super Closer?! (which would not be ideal for routines requiring face up spreads)
Message: Posted by: Slimfrinky (Apr 13, 2003 04:20AM)
Thank you Denis!!! I keep on meaning to mention that but forgeting... that's also an essential part of what I'm looking for. I can't display the prearranged order of the cards like I could with a regular memorized deck stack... I'm sorry, I accidently lead everyone down the wrong path of thought...

Hey, I just thought of an idea, tell me how it sounds... Omit the four ace production in the Closer, and instead use the ace prodution in Card College (I forget its name right now) where the performer riffles down and just tosses a card into the deck to find the aces. I could have the set up for that already established in the deck I switch, perform it, leave out the ace production from the closer and just go into the spelling effect... Any thoughts on that?

Or am I not making any sense at all because it's almost 2 am and I'm slightly tipsy?
Message: Posted by: Stefan S. (Apr 14, 2003 08:42AM)
Hmm so mine still works!

I did it with a deck in new deck order, if you spread through it without much care nobody will notice!


Message: Posted by: Slimfrinky (Apr 14, 2003 06:38PM)
Well my problem is, I need stuff that can be repeated... I got a gig where I'm doing 2 shows a day for the next 4 months at a bar... So repeat performances are sure to happen...
Message: Posted by: Jim Robinson (Apr 14, 2003 06:51PM)
Martin Nash does a single shuffle Triumph (credits Marlo) on his Charming Cheat vol. 1 tape. This is a trick that he uses to maintain a stacked deck. He uses this trick to separate the deck switch from the trick that uses that stack. This trick could be done with any stack and would maintain any stack. I think all the displays can be done without revealing the very orderly condition that the deck is in for JC's Super Closer. (A great trick).

p.s. I love "Invisible Card" from Simon Aronson's Try the Impossible that Mike Powers mentioned above. Also from Darwin Ortiz's "Scams and Fantasies" there is a sandwich trick (based on a Roy Walton trick) and Mike Close has a similar trick. These work with actual memorized decks - you have to know the stack position of every card.
Message: Posted by: Slimfrinky (Apr 15, 2003 01:37AM)
I might check that out... I have no problems memorising decks...

I tried putting the miracle aces routine in the begining of the Closer, and guess what? IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!! Yeeha!!!

It doesn't keep the order straight, but it does maintain a red/black setup, which is all I really need... I miss out on the spectators finding the aces, but hey, my opening effect is Spec cutting the aces anyway... I think I like it...

Message: Posted by: Hannes (Apr 16, 2003 02:40AM)
...don't know if I understood all right, but I think you could "code" your stack. Stack the cards and give them 6 or 7 faros. Then do only routines retaining the order and at the end give the deck one (or two) final faros and your deck is stacked as in the beginning. This enables you perhaps to show the faces of the cards during the other routines (I get the idea from Pit Hartlings little green book)
Hope it helps.

Message: Posted by: Slimfrinky (Apr 16, 2003 04:42AM)
Well I could do that, but what I'm attemping to do is just distance the switch from the closer by introducing an effect or to between it... That way no one goes, "Wow!!! That was a great effect he did right after he pulled the rubber band out of his pocket!"

Although I could just "Un-faro" the cards so I can do effects in between and show the card faces... But it's not that important, like I said, I just need some padding between...