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Topic: Re-Clipped
Message: Posted by: jprace (Sep 20, 2008 01:50PM)
Hey guys, when you have a chance, check out the [url=http://geniimagazine.com/back_issues/2008/10/index.html]October 2008 issue of Genii Magazine[/url]. On page 23, my trick is explained, written up by David Regal. Re-Clipped is something I use all the time and I bet you can fit it into your working routines. Tomo Maeda is on the cover.


Message: Posted by: Magiguy (Sep 20, 2008 02:50PM)
Nice job, Jeff! I love quickie items like this that easily work themselves into existing routines. Is this your first item in print?
Message: Posted by: jprace (Sep 20, 2008 04:36PM)
Ya, and there are a few more coming from various places.